Sassy Sunday #4

Well after a long hiatus here we are again for Sassy Sunday!!! I felt like last year flew by so fast, and I remember as the year was ending just wishing things would slow down. Well this year really hasn’t started off any different. I just feel like, “whoa, wait a second, its already the end of January?!” Is it just me? I don’t know, maybe its because my kids are getting older. I just am almost done with completely potty training Ami. Man, I just don’t know where the time has gone. I’m trying to drink in every moment, take a breathe, and take it all in. I feel like the days the hubby is off of work just fly by….before I know its midnight and we’ve been running around doing things and we haven’t had a second to just sit down together and just take in the moment. A friend of mine posted something lovely today about how we get so focused on whatever it may be for you, New Year’s Resolutions, or starting the new year off right or what not that all these things fly by that we might not have been looking for. I want to be open to those little things. I don’t want to miss a single little thing……

Here’s where I’m hopping today 🙂

Shibley Smiles Sunday Blog Hop

Sunday Strolling Blog Hop

0 thoughts on “Sassy Sunday #4

  1. What exactly is hopping?

    Ps. Your response really made me happy. Im glad you guys are studying together. Mind me asking what the name of the study is? I want to start one with Jimmy possibly.

  2. Hey Kelly! hopping is linking up your blog to someone elses and then everyone has a chance to spread around the word of their blog! its fun!! that's how I've gotten so many of my amazing followers and met so many wonderful people 🙂

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