BabyGanics Teeth Pods Review

We are in full teething mode around the Cammo Love house.  This is my third go-round and I’ve got to say I think I was a lucky mama with my first two.  Either that, or I’ve liked blocked out the trauma…I’m not sure which.  This time around my little man is quite the fussy teether.  I got myself one of those amber teething necklaces, which I’m still not 100% about.  I’ve tried the orajel stuff, teething rings and all sorts of other things.  So, when I got the opportunity to try BabyGanics Teeth Pods I jumped on it.  They are actually called BabyGanics Say Aahhh! Benzocaine Free Gel Teething Pods.  Shewwww, that’s a mouth full.  I’m never one to go first to the natural/organic type thing.  A lot of times they are more expensive and I’m not totally sold that those things work better or even the same.  Frankly I’m more concerned with what works, and no matter what type of thing it is I usually like to get the recommendation of another mama!  That’s why when I love a product I always try to talk about it as much as I can, buy as gifts and anything else I can think of.

So I am happy to talk about this recent discovery of mine.  In fact, after I received it to review I stumbled upon the brand in my local Buy Buy Baby store!  I’m going to pick up a few other products to test out (including their laundry detergent, which I hear might be awesome for cloth diapers).  I love when I find something that I can actually buy in the store.  While I appreciate online retailers, and there are many I love, nothing beats being about to drive five minutes to pick up something that I love and need.

Before I get to my review let me tell you a little bit about BabyGanics Teething Pods.

Keeping Your Baby’s Mouth Ouch-Free the Natural Way

Do you hate seeing your baby in pain; completely inconsolable due to
teething? When your baby starts to teethe, the growing pains can become so
unbearable that even cold compresses and whiskey will not silence the cries.
So what is a concerned parent to do? The good news is there is now a
naturally safe and effective method for comforting your little ones aching
gums; BabyGanics newest product, Say Aahhh! Benzocaine Free Gel Teething
Pods. These portable pods are not only sanitary and convenient, but they are
free of Benzocaine, so you can ease your child’s teething pains safely;
anytime and anywhere. 
BabyGanics Say Aahhh! Benzocaine Free Gel Teething Pods are ideal for
everywhere a teething tantrum might occur. These highly portable pods can be
kept in your diaper bag, stroller, purse or even in your nursery! They are
free of Benzocaine, parabens, synthetic flavor, phthalates, mineral oil,
petrolatum and toxins and are also dye and alcohol free and contain no nuts
or gluten. Instead, they are formulated with plant-based ingredients like
coconut oil, clove oil and Stevia. Simply peel back the film on the tray and
use the included cotton applicator to apply a small amount of gel to your
infant’s gums for instant relief. Each package includes 10 single use pods
and soft cotton applicators, retailing for $5.99 and available for purchase
at www.babyganics.com, Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby.

What did I think?  Well, more importantly what did Mr. Phil think? 

No joke, this is how it went…whiny buddy chewing on his toys, to sticking it in his mouth, to him grabbing it and sucking on it!  It clearly tasted good and smelled good.  And frankly I don’t think there is any better advertisement then that.  I think it definitely works, and it works quickly. It lasts for forever too.  I probably used the same one three times, before moving onto the next pod.  I appreciate that, and the fact that it is very affordable.  Its really the a mom’s dream come true.  It works, its affordable and its easy.  

If you’re looking an affordable, easy and All Natural product to use for your teething baby I recommend you head over to BabiesRUs or Buy Buy Baby, or BabyGanics website to pick up your Teething Pods; and while you’re there check out some of their other amazing products.  High on my list is of to tries include:

Fabric and Nursery Spray
BabyGanics Laundry Bundle
Cover Up Baby Sunscreen
Let’s Boogie Saline Spray

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