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Baby Babu Cloth Diaper Review

Hi everyone!  I’m going to just take a quick second to do a review of a wonderful cloth diaper that I am happy to say is a sponsor of my little piece of the internet.  I am also extremely happy to say that it passed the Cammo Love tests, and boy are they rigorous.  I’m working on a video review and will hopefully have that up shortly, but until then I wanted to talk quickly about why I love this diaper.

Here’s a little bit about the Baby Babu diaper.

Having a baby involves making many important choices. One of the earliest choices is what type of diapers to use for your baby. There are many forms of disposable diapers on the market. However, these diapers are expensive and may not be the most convenient when it comes to your pocketbook. The good news is that cloth diapers offer parents a variety of options.

Baby Babu makes those options affordable and provides parents with quality in addressing their child’s diapering needs. Our company was created by a mother-father team that saw the need for sustainable diapering products for parents all over the world.

Our varieties of diapers are good for the environment. Unlike disposable diapers, our affordable cloth diapers can be laundered, sanitized, and reused. Since you will not be throwing them away, you are assisting in preserving the environment for future generations.

They also happen to make a completely 100% biodegradable diaper!!  They have pocket, AIO diapers, flats and prefolds and covers!  They really are a one stop shop for all kinds of diapers.  And, what’s better than affordable thrown into the mix.  Especially, if you are concerned about giving used diapers your first go around, and want to try different types of diapers (because heaven knows I don’t use what I thought I would) at an affordable rate.  But specifically I wanted to address the Pocket Diaper.  We have a major heavy wetter here on our hands and I have tried so many diapers that I was pretty much at my wits end for night time diapering.  Truthfully I was really over it.  Then I was sent a Baby Babu to try.  It seemed to me to be like your standard pocket diaper.  It is extremely light weight and trim.  I have a cow print minky and a blue PUL. 

Here’s the cow minky open on the top right and on the smallest setting, as compared to Best Bottom and Alva.  I was quite impressed with the rise options and waist options.  It is very comparable to the average diaper out there on the market as far as the sizing options.  I really appreciate the double gusseting on the inside, and the two pocket openings.  It is an extremely easy to stuff pocket, but they aren’t giant openings like some pocket diapers I’ve tried.  The openings also have elastic which is great, and they agitate out in the wash, which makes cleaning super easy.  The most important thing for me to express about this diaper is its ability to hold a heavy wetter’s leaks.  The fit on my little man is absolutely wonderful, and keeps the pee in all night.  The flaps lay flat, there are not button impressions, no red marks!  I have so please with this diaper, and I recommend it for sure. 

Something I would change would be the snaps on the closure.  I wish there were two snaps in both rows, on the hips and the tummy.  I personally feel like it makes it a little difficult to get the right fit the first time around.  It’s just kind of awkward and when I compare it to my other diapers that have two snaps on the flap across the tummy I definitely notice an ease. 

Stay tuned for the video review of this awesome diaper.  And in the mean time, check out Baby Babu for all your cloth diapering needs!

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