Instagram Tuesday

This is my first time participating in Instagram Tuesday, over at Taingamala. I’ve got to say in the link-up schedule Tuesday is seriously lacking! Instagram Tuesday is like the mirage in the desert man!

This is my first InstaTuesday.  I’m quite a fan of Instagram, although half the time I forget to use it!  LOL!  In fact my inlaws have been visiting so I haven’t used it really, or anything social media, in like the last week really….except for making sure I’ve got some posts up cuz I just love ya’ll!

So here’s some of my favorite Instagram pics from the past, to kick of my first InstaTuesday!

Battle of Bull Run in Manassas
A typical morning in my house

The kids with their vintage record player reading books
An old school McDonalds….love it

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  1. Aww your kiddos are SO cute!! Your morning looks lovely. I love writing in my planner and figuring out my day in the morning. Ooo and I really love your throw pillows. Thanks for linking up!!

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