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Which Diaper Cream for you?

I haven’t done a cloth diaper related review in awhile.  So much has piled up on my desk.  I feel like I’m in that sweet spot in blogging where I still feel like I have so much to say!  So many ideas keep popping in my head, so many things I want to tell you about (reviews and stuff) and so many great opportunities to share products with you.  Thankfully I’m a semi-organized person (don’t laugh, for having three kids 6 and under I think I’m doing pretty good).  I’ve always been a list girl, with my paper planner.  Its how I’ve always been and so far I feel like its served me pretty well.  I have a family calendar up on the wall that we write stuff on, keep track of hubby’s schedule and all that good stuff.  I use my iphone to make lists of blogging stuff, so I guess I’m trying.  I feel like I’ll never get to say it all!  Although I suddenly feel like what makes what I have to say more awesome then what anyone else has to say?  Hopefully I’m helping someone in some way.  As long as I enjoy it too I guess I’ll keep plugging along.

Today’s thing I have to say is about Diaper creams for Cloth Diapers.  There are so many out there, which do you use?  Which one is good for you?  I had the opportuntity to try out three different types of creams thanks to some samples I received from The Cloth Nook (or host for the Great Cloth Diaper Change here in NoVA) and Kebbie’s Diaper Bag, a local cloth diaper store.  I had the awesome opportunity to have two of my little one’s take part in their most recent store photo shoot.  *If you go to Kebbie’s homepage you can see my daughter on the far left!*

I have three different creams for you to check out today.  CJ’s Ointment, Scarlet’s Naturals Hiney Honey and Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm.  These three are totally different.  It’s crazy how three things meant to do the same thing can be so completely different

CJ’s Ointment, by CJ’s Unique Boutique- this is a very creamy ointment, it almost was melty.   I got the Monkey Farts flavor (totally weird right).  It’s a great fruity/tropical smell.  Despite the fact that it looked like Crisco it wasn’t really greasy.  It had a slightly greasy feeling but it didn’t have a greasy residue if that makes sense.  It went on really smoothly and you didn’t really have to use a ton of it.  If you are just using it for occasional bottom troubles getting the mini jar would last you a long time.  Out of the three that I tried this was in a tie for first.

4oz spritz version  will cost you $8.99 at The Cloth Nook
1/2oz mini Jar available for for $1.99 at Squishy Tushy
You can also create a sampler pack – 8 1/2oz tubs for $8.99 at CJ’s

4 out of 4 Stars!

Scarlet’s Hiney Honey, by Scarlet’s Naturals – This was my tie for first!  This was such a cool thing in general, made from honey.  The only way I can really describe this is that its like grainy looking.  Its almost like ground up honey comb.  It’s not a rough grainy feeling though.  This stuff goes a long way.  Doesn’t go on as smoothly because of its more textured appearance, but I was highly impressed.  the first time I put my lil’s bum in a bamboo fitted the next morning he woke up with a red bum, which apparently isn’t so strange with a natural fiber.  However, I put some of this Scarlet’s of there and by day’s end he had a perfectly un-red baby bum!  Whoohooo!!!!

A 4oz tin will cost you $9.00
Purchase at Kebbie’s Diaper Bag

4 out of 4 stars!

Angel Baby Bottom Balm, by Earth, Mama, Angel, Baby Organics – While this isn’t a terrible cream it was my least favorite of the three.  This cream is more of a Vaseline type feel, and was a bit more greasy in my opinion.  It went on well and you didn’t need much.  I didn’t have a lot in the sample to really use it for an extended period of time, but just from a more first impression type perspective it wasn’t my favorite.  You are looking at almost $10 for 1oz and $14.95 for 2oz.

Purchase at Earth, Mama, Angel, Baby.  I’ve also seen this one in stores like Buy Buy Baby and Whole Foods, in their Baby section.

3 out of 4 stars

So there’s some opinions from a previously disposible diapering mama who was strictly a Baby Powder kinda gal.  Diaper Creams didn’t really work well on my previous two children.  I swore up and down by Baby Powder and it worked like a charm for us.  Since making the transition to cloth diapering I knew that baby powder wasn’t an option.  And even though I would say that any kind of rash or redness is a rare, if any, occurrence since making the switch to cloth (which is something people say all the time as a positive about cloth diapering), exploring your options and seeing which of the best work for your little one’s bum!

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