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Military Support Series *BPW Foundation*

Happy Monday everyone. I hope your Easter was great.  We had a wonderful day with friends and our East Coast “family”.  It was wonderful. 

To kick off the week right I bring you part three in the Military Support Series by highlighting the BPW Foundation; or Business and Professional Women’s Foundation. 

Business and Professional Women’s Foundation (BPW Foundation) was the first foundation dedicated to conducting research and providing information solely about working women. Since then, we have partnered with employers to create successful workplaces that embrace and practice diversity, equity and work-life balance convening employers, working women and policymakers to promote systemic workplace change. Areas of research include women and non traditional jobs, Gen Y women and women’s use and access to the internet.
 with MSGT Denyse Gordon
 In particular I wanted to share something that I got to experience first hand at an event I volunteered at.  It was an event for Women’s History Month, held at Women’s Veterans Memorial.  BPW Foundation was the first to develop research in the transition of female veterans to civilian careers.  In 2010 they hosted at National Summit – Joining Forces for Women Veterans.  Most recently they launched Joining Forces for Women Veterans and Military Spouses Mentoring Plus.  I am extremely excited about this program.  The women I met and everyone that has put their heart and soul into this project were so excited about it.  Frankly, it was difficult to not feel giddy.  These are wives and mothers, Business professionals, Veterans and Military Spouses.  This program joins together women veterans and military wives with working woman veterans.  This program is up and running now, so if you are looking to mentor or become a mentee please visit Joining Forces Mentoring Plus for more information and to sign up.
you should read about this women.  She is incredible!
As a special announcement on April 29th and 30th, in McLean, Va, Count Me In is hosting a Women Veteran Entrepreneur Corps event.  At this event you meet and network with other women, and ask questions and get support.  Experts will be present to help you grow you and your business.  You will also have the opportunity to pitch your business for the chance to win prizes, business coaching and financing!  Visit Count Me In to register and sign up for webinars and pitch parties. 

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