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MoonWalk 2013 in NYC! #MoonWalk2013

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share information about the MoonWalk 2013 with you guys.  It is probably one of the coolest things that I’ve heard about in a long while; and it immediately grabbed my attention and touched my heart.
What’s the MoonWalk?
Seventeen years ago Nina Barough, the founder of MoonWalk, decided it might be fun to get a bunch of girlfriends together and walk the New York City Marathon in their bras.  Their goal was to raise money for breast cancer awareness.  They raised $40,000 that first time.  The next year Nina herself was diagnosed with breast cancer.  A group of women decided that they would carry on the walk and walk the London Marathon in support of Nina.  The next year they walked the London Marathon again….and it was official, this was getting big.  Since 2000 Prince Charles has been a great supporter of the MoonWalk and became the official Patron in 2004.  This year is special because this is the official Inaugural even in America (since all other walks have taken place in Europe).

 Want to know more?

Make sure to visit the official page of the MoonWalk 2013 to get all the skinny on the event.  The walk will start at Randall’s Island in NYC where you will have a full marathon or half marathon choice.  What really struck me about this event, other than the total coolness of being at night, it seems to be more of a party then anything else.  It all starts at 8pm with live entertainment and fun!

 What does MoonWalk do?

MoonWalk is a grant raising charity, which means that they grant as many of the funds raised as possible towards vital research and care.  To date $126M has been granted to research and future health.  A grant is being made by Walk the Walk America to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to support their Breast Cancer Examination Center in Harlem, where 80% of patients are uninsured.  Breast cancer is a public health issue and they believe that everyone, regardless of where they come from and access to money, should be able to get the best care possible.
If you are going to be in around the NYC or know someone who is please send them my way to find out more information about the Walk.  I wish that I could get it together in time to participate myself.  Breast Cancer has a special place in my heart.  My grandmother was had a masectomy many many years ago, and unfortunately passed away when the cancer came back.  There is almost no one that hasn’t been touched by it in some way.  I think continued support and research in the area is so wonderful.  Doing it in such a fun way is great!  The feeling of community that events like these bring, I believe is so vital to the wellbeing of mankind.  We’re all in this together.
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