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Hi everyone, Happy Wednesday!  It’s hump day and the week is almost over.  I’m kinda giddy for the week to be over because the hubby is going on vacation!   Yay!  We get to spend some time together and I just couldn’t be more excited.  Now on to the fun……

I’ve only done this link-up one other time and loved it.  It was really fun to read all the never ever evers!  Plus link-ups are THE absolute best way to discover amazing new bloggy peeps.  That is how I did at least.  If you are stopping by for the first time, hang out awhile and let me know you’re here so I can return the favor if I don’t already.  Most importantly have fun and check out the lovely ladies that are your hosts!

A Complete Waste of Makeup

I will Never, Ever, Ever….

~ imagined that I would run a 5k, much less enjoy it and keep on running.  I ran my first 5k almost two weeks ago with my hubby and my gal pals.  They are the two most amazing people, encouraging and supporting me…and running slow with me to get me through.  I’m excited to run my next race!

~ will have enough nail polish…seriously I’m obsessed.  I subscribe to Julep (check out my side bar if you haven’t heard of Julep) and the last couple months I’ve gotten boxes with make-up and other supplies in it.  This month will be my first polish box in awhile and I’m super excited!

November is the Right At Home Collection and the polish colors are so beautiful!
I got this baby this month!

~ get enough sleep…at least until my kids are older.  Sleep elludes me even now, when I should be able to sleep through the night because I have kids that are sleeping through the night *cough cough* or should be.  But I love this cute kids!

Thanks for stopping by!

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