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Watch Lifetime Movies Whenever I Want?!!

edit for review – You guys, I’ve been loving this!!! I love having access to all these movies and just adding it to my normal Hulu and Netflix purchases it really compliments it a lot. Check it out! You really can’t go wrong with a free-trial right?  I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? You love and well, you love it. Or you hate it and move on. 

My name is Rheanna and I watch Lifetime movies. They’ve got some good stuff seriously guys!! The Fab Five, the movie about the Texas Cheerleaders? What about The Pregnancy Pact, The Craigslist Killer, William & Kate, Amanda Knox story with Hayden Panettiere?  I could go on. Now you can access Lifetime movies anytime you want with the Lifetime Movie Club.

Why give it a try?

  • movies are commercial free
  • a new movie is added daily
  • watch on your ipad, iphone, ipod and Roku {additional platforms coming}
Lifetime movies are perfect for hanging out on Girl’s Night, a lazy Sunday afternoon or a date night…you know if you feel like making the hubby watch The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Movie. He loves you right?

Do you have a favorite Lifetime movie?!

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