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A Visit to Dallas Part 1

So at the end of last year I had the chance to visit Dallas, Texas. I was going there for a conference but I knew there was a few more things I wanted to see. Having never been to that part of Texas before I was so excited. Probably the most exciting thing, which is also the silliest, was my excitement to taste In and Out. I hadn’t had it in over a year, and this California girl was missing it desperately. So, in case you are headed to Dallas and flying into Love Field, you can take a quick Uber into the city of Dallas and roll right through In and Out. Which I did on my way into the city, and before I headed home too. Call me crazy! So lets talk about some of the things you need to do and see while you are in Dallas, Texas!


Where to eat?

First, you have to go to In and Out, especially if you haven’t been to one. My kids, who have now spent most of their lives not in California (shutter) and are more officially East Coasters, compare it to Five Guys. And I’m sure there is somewhere out there who is thinking, “no way!! Five Guys is so much better!!” Well, we respectfully disagree!! If you’ve never had it before, some parts of Texas are about as far west as they come so give it a try.

I was lucky enough to visit Dallas and have one of my best milspouse girlfriends with me, and we chose Press Box Grill as “our place” while we were there.

It had such a good atmosphere, fast service, the staff was amazing, and they made a killer mojito!  Definitely a “must-see” Dallas spot!

Where to Get your Coffee

Whenever I visit a new city, I always try to hunt down a coffee joint that is local (sorry Starbucks).  I happened upon this place while I was just walking around the city, taking in the sites. It was so yummy!! And I was kind of a fan of the guitar wall.

Make sure you check out Flying Horse Cafe next time you are in Dallas!

Side note – see that cool building in the back? They were still in the middle of construction and were set to open soon. I was so bummed that I was going to miss out. It is a Commissary. Like a legit, at the bottom of a department store, 1940s commissary, where employees would get their lunch in those old movies. I about died and am still so bummed out that I didn’t get to try it. So, someone please go and eat there for me!!!

Book Lovers Beware!!

(and this was just one little corner)

You will literally spend all your money here, so bring another suitcase just for the books.

I did my research before I went and I knew I had to visit Lucky Dog Books. Guys!!! They did not disappoint and I spent a lovely morning perusing the book store. I was thankful for Uber that day because I walked away with a bag full of books. I’m so sad that they are so far away. Thank you Lucky Dog, for making this book lover so happy!

I also happened to find myself walking down the same street where the police officers were killed in Dallas, and where the march and riots took place. That was a very surreal thing to realized. And it was lovely to see this sign up as a reminder to thank those that put their lives on the line for us every day.


Many of the older buildings were so beautiful. And the murals!!! Very cool. The culture of Downtown, the old buildings and cool restaurants.  It was definitely going through some revitalizing for sure. But the flavor was there. And interesting mix of cultures, heritage, new and old.

This was one of the monuments and memorials to JFK, and a little sneak peek of my post that will talk ALLLLLLL about JFK and my experience seeing all the sites that had to do with him. It was the most emotional part of my trip, and I am so glad that I got to experience it.

Until then, I’ll leave you with this crazy giant eye in the middle of the city. It doesn’t belong to anything in particular. There’s no restaurant, hotel or public park. Its a strange, privately owned patch of grass with this giant eye in the middle of it. Stay weird Dallas!!

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