A Visit to Dallas Part 3 {Presidential Library}

Today is the last installment of my visit Dallas series. I’m most excited about this one because it was such a bucket list item for me. Ever since I visited the Reagan Library when I was pregnant with my youngest I’ve been obsessed with trying to cross off as many Presidential Libraries as I can. Visiting the George Bush Library was so exciting for me and I am so excited to share it with you.

I couldn’t help but have a little fun and re-create President Clinton’s pose. I mean, it’s too go to not!

They did an amazing job with the design of the building. It is really beautiful and the Texas Campus it is on is really cool too. I spent a little time before my flight walking around and checking it out. I almost missed walking around a college campus.

Where: On the campus of Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

Cost: Military (Active Duty) and 4 and Under are free, everyone else – you’re looking at $10-$17 (and for some reason there are seasonal rates. You’re going to pay more during the warmer months.

I was really bummed to discover that they made a distinction between Active Duty and Guard/Reserve. They offer a discount price but they still differentiate the two; and if you’ve spent any time reading my blog you know this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

A huge portion of library is spent on 9/11 and the years that follow. They did an excellent job sharing timelines and intimate details from that time, and it was very emotional. They had some great interactive sections for kids, as well as a reading section with recommended books from the first lady. Since that was such an important part of the First Lady’s time in office they dedicated a significant portion of the library to that, as well as to kids since the girls were so young when he took office. They paid homage to Texas and the President’s love of baseball.  I was however disappointed that almost no space was given to the President’s childhood of young life. Having seen other libraries I was totally bummed about this.

Perhaps the coolest part is the 15 acre “garden” full of native flowers. Not much was in bloom when I visited but I love that preserving acreage of land was a priority to the first lady and something she wanted to see contributed to the library.


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