The Perfect Cookie Cutters

Have you ever thought to yourself, gosh if I only had a cookie cutter shaped like a lighthouse? Well I recently thought to myself, I wonder if I could find a good cookie cutter in the shape of an anchor. I popped up Google.com on my website and up came American Tradition Cookie Cutters (http://www.americantraditioncookiecutters.com/). American-made cookie cutters in just about every shape you could possibly imagine. So please go on over to American Cookie Cutters and find your perfect cookie cutter!

0 thoughts on “The Perfect Cookie Cutters

  1. Very neat!
    I feel like such an airhead… at first glance at that picture, I thought to myself "Wow, that's interesting. A uterus cookie-cutter!!" LMBO… why anyone would need a cookie cutter in the shape of a uterus is beyond me, but apparently there is plenty beyond me these days. Whew. Please pardon my blonde moment. =) Nice blog, btw!

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