A Year Ago Today!

A year ago today I was visiting my beautiful friend Jamie who had her baby the day before!!!  I love babies!!  I was so excited because Jamie is one of my best friend whom I met before I was married and before we were both married or had kids!  It was fun because she got to share  my pregnancy and new babies with me, being the first one at the hospital besides immediate family, and now it was mine turn to share it with her.  I just went to Grace’s first birthday and its just crazy to me how fast time has flown!

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  1. Tiny, tiny baby!! tiny babies make me nervous! I mean my boys were 10lbs 12oz and 8lbs 14oz…I am used to big boys!!

    From PDX with Love

  2. Thank you for being a military spouse and your husband for his service. What a cutie pie! I see you are on Etsy too! great…nice to meet you. Thanks for the follow.

  3. Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments! I will follow you as well. If you have an etsy shop and want me to highlight it on here on my facebook just let me know, if I haven't already 🙂
    thank you

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