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When I started blogging not that long ago I decided that I wanted to support all the mommies out there that are crafty, WAHM, SAHM, all kinds of mommies! As I started blogging I realized how many of us there are out there and how many things I totally loved! Even though this is a Thursday I was too excited to wait one more day (in what will become FEATURE FRIDAY) to show you my very first feature! LaDy LaDuke. I just came across them by accident on a blog hop and fell absolutely in loooooooove with them!!!! Go visit their sites (tell ’em you found out from me please) and support all the crafty mama’s out there! I asked for a picture and they happened to send me a picture of my absolute favorite one!! And even better, they offer free shipping to military mommies!!! Does it get any better than that?

Courtney & Betina~LaDy LaDuke…Unique Items For Mothers & Women…

We are two sisters, who always loved fashion and design, sharing a room, and playing dress up. Our Mom used to sew many of our clothes, as well as her own, and we would have a ball looking through her Vogue patterns. So, the design seed was always there. Then we were out with our sister-in-law, who was trying to nurse in public, while walking, chasing her toddler, and tugging at the back of her shirt to keep covered, and thought, why don’t we make something that really works for Moms! After research and prototypes, we came up with our full coverage, mobile nursing cover invention…”The Feeder Frock“.

The first Feeder Frock started as a simple design, and has evolved into over 25 unique styles, including our “Pocket” versions to hold all of your Mom stuff. We offer unique binky holder accessories to go with your Feeder Frock, as well as Nursery Decor like our Couture Curtains and Crib Fringe. We just added the Feeder FRONT Frock, which is just the front cover version of all of our nursing cover styles.

As a thank you to our troops, we offer all US military wives/moms shopping with us, free shipping always on all of our items. Just contact us, and we can remove the shipping cost for you.

We want other moms to know that we understand what it’s like to live in a world of kids all day, and that sometimes you need something that is pretty and special, and just for you.

LaDy LaDuke…Unique Items For Mothers and Women
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**I am receiving no compensation for this feature. I simply want to help spread the word about some lovely ladies!**

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  1. Thank you Rheanna for the fabulous feature! You are such a sweetheart! How cool is that, that I sent your favorite Frock photo too!

    You're the best, and keep up the great blogging;)

    Courtney~LaDy LaDuke
    P.S. Betina says thanks too!

  2. You are so awesome for doing this feature! It is very generous of you to offer advertising for crafty mamas 🙂 And I am not sure I would have come across this business on my own! Thanks for sharing!!!

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