Two of my favorite things – Dangly Earrings and Reading

          So two of my favorite things would have to be fashion and reading.  I read every second I can, in between potty training, time outs, mommy stuff, spending what little time I have with the Hubby, which granted isn’t a lot of time…..but I’ve always had a love for reading.  One of my good friend introduced me to Goodreads and I fell in love in an instant.  I could organize and keep track of all the books that I wanted to read (and I have like 80 on my list), imagine that!!  And from someone that also loves to organize this was a dream come true.  Please go over there and check it out at  They have a giveaway program where publishers and authors giveaway copies of their books and hope that you write a review for them.  Well I won my first one and was quite please because it happened to be right up my alley. 

When Doctors Kill: Who, Why and How is by Dr. Joshua A. Perper and Dr. Stephen J. Cina.  It was not at all what I expected.  My first thought was that it would be just another true crime type of book, full of different stories about different cases and doctors.  That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for me, considering I’m a Criminal Justice/Psychology major with a cat named Luminol.  However, when I started reading I was quite surprised to find that it was so much more than that.  It was an extremely in depth book that read more like a text book and a history book then just your standard true crime book.  So if you’re looking more for story type stuff this probably wouldn’t be the book for you, but for someone truly interested in a more educational standpoint, then it would definitely be the book for you.  From Jack the Ripper, WWII, the Nazi Regime, genocide in Africa to present day.  I learned so much from a purely historical standpoint.  When I think of talking about when doctor’s kill, the Nazi’s and Japanese wouldn’t have necessarily come to my mind.  So if you happen to be interested in Criminal Justice or History I would definitely recommend checking out this book.  It’s a welcome addition to my library.

    Now, onto the jewelry!!  So some of my dear friends have started a business called Designs From the Heart/Hooked With Love (please check them out here).  I’m all about supporting SAHM/WAHM and some of my fellow Military Girls.  These handmade items, and more specifically the Jewelry which I’m showcasing right now, is awesome!  Beautifully made necklaces, earrings of all sorts – wedding sets and mommy/baby bracelets.  I recently became the proud owner of my very own set of pearls (on my 6th wedding anniversary) and needed some dangle earrings to go with them.  So I headed over to Designs From the Heart, and found these….

Love these!!!!  They come packaged well and include care instructions and anti-tarnish strips so that they are kept nice for years to come.  Communication is excellent, shipping is fast and they go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with what you’re receiving.  They have pre-made items and also do custom jewelry.

Some of my favorite things she did was for a wedding.  She did the jewelry gifts for the wedding party

   She also has amazing breast cancer support jewelry and military support jewelry.  So please when you’re looking for jewelry support a SAHM!!

Thanks for reading ladies and please tell her Rheanna sent you 🙂

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