Military Spouse Friday Fill-In!


So this is my first one of these! I kept seeing these on some of the other girls blogs but never made time to do it!! So yay, here’s to my first one of many!!!

1. Were you named after anyone?

Sort of. My mom got inspiration for my name from a girl she went to high school with named Rhea. And there you go 🙂 I get, “hey were you named after that Fleetwood Mac song,” A LOT!!! No I wasn’t thank you. Don’t get me wrong, I think Rhiannon is a fine name…but I don’t think I would care to be named after a witch. And Yes I had my name before that crazy singer girl too!! Plus I spell it way prettier!! Rheanna vs Rihanna?

2. What color, if any, are your toenails usually painted?
Usually a red or a pink 🙂

3. How do you flush a public toilet? Hands? Feet? Something else?
My foot naturally, like any good woman should 🙂 LOL!!!

4. When you were a little kid, which TV character did you have a crush on?
Gosh, I would have to go with one that many girls my age will say, JTT, jonathon taylor thomas naturally. But apparently I had a huge crush on Tom Hanks from when he was on Bosom Buddies! Google it, trust me 🙂 My first brush with celebrity was around that time of the show and we were in the airport in Sacramento and I saw Tom and his wifey walking through the airport and I yelled Bosom Buddies!!!!!! Most people don’t know that his son lived here with his first wife (in Sacramento) and he came to visit and probably didn’t want to be seen, so he shoved me in all my 5 year old glory, out of the way! meanie!!!!

5.Let’s say you had to lose one of your five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell). Which one would you choose? Why?
Hmmmm, probably smell…although I hear its related to taste…grrr….I’m not sure.

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