Feature Friday #5

Hello all my bloggy followers!!! Its been too long since I’ve done a feature, but I am resurrecting the post today with an amazing showcase of one of bloggy pals, fellow SAHM and totally awesome crafty mom, Katy!!! So lets take a peak at KDbuggie Boutique.


I am a stay-at-home mom of a beautiful 3 year old daughter and a spirited 18 month old. They keep me totally busy!!! They are my best testers too… I think they cringe every time I bring out my sewing machine. I look to sewing and crafting as an outlet to my busy life. I am not only a mom, but a student, and an apartment manager. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies and a passion for teaching and learning. I love blogging because it gives me an opportunity to learn new ideas and to fine tune my own as well!

I sew and craft when I can (usually nights, and naptimes) and absolutely LOVE it!!!! My ultimate goal is not to make a HUGE profit. Instead, I hope to share my handmade goodies with others and hopefully make something special for them and their family. I strive for functionality while still being stylish and try to keep the cost to my customers as low as I can. I buy in bulk when possible keeping prices lower than my competition.

I have recently taken up digital designing as a new hobby. I love being able to use my creative side to develop new invitations, baby announcements, thank you notecards, cupcake toppers, business cards… and much more! I am always adding more new things to my etsy store, so be sure to check back often.

I love so many of Katy’s things and she actually allowed me to go on her site and pick out some of my favorites to share with you. So here they are!!!

It should be completely obvious why I love this first item. Now adays people are all about the hand-made stuff! Etsy is huge and almost everyone knows about it, browses it and has shopped it (or has a long list of what they want off of it – but don’t we all) These make the perfect gift for mom’s to be and she and her other guests will be talking about this one for sure!!

Second are these adorable invites! This is yet another thing you can find on Katy’s site! She’s got everything! Even invitations. This is only one of the cute designs, but I love this one! So cute!

And lastly this adorable blanket, that she has in so many patterns on her site. I love this one, its funky, modern and super cute. And with the soft chenille, you can’t go wrong!

So please go and check out Kdbuggie Boutique on all her sites!!!

Kdbuggie’s Blog

Etsy Shop


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