Just Another Manic Monday + Skin Peel Review!

Happy Monday everyone! I know, I know, Monday’s aren’t usually the happiest day of the week, but there’s always a first time for everything. We had a pretty great weekend here so I’m hoping to carry on the positive attitude through the week! One way to do that is head on over to my newest obsession Coupon Clippin Daddy and pick up some awesome coupons!

And another way to do that is to review a fabulous product! I was so excited when I received the opportunity to review Skin-Peel from She Blogs! I was excited to review something that was for me, because the other things that I have reviewed were for my kids, and it was about time I was spoiled. I was given the opportunity to browse the website for Skin-Peel and choose a product that would be best suited for my skin type. I chose the Glycolic Acid Peel. The directions were extremely easy to follow and I was excited to start. I’ve been using the product for three weeks now and am extremely pleased. Using the product at a younger age I am hoping that it continues to be a preventative. I don’t have any extremely noticeable skin issues so it is really hard to notice any significant improvements, like lessening lines and wrinkles. But what does jump out at me when I use this product is the softness of my skin. Just using a peel gets rid of all those dead layers of skin and gives you extremely soft skin. My husband has noticed it more than I have, but I think that’s because we look at our skin all the time. One possible side affect of using the skin peel is some slight discomfort and redness based on the strength of peel you decide to use. I had absolutely no issues with this whatsoever and was able to continue to increase the time that the product is on my face.

I would recommend this product to anyone that is looking to improve the quality of their skin but doesn’t have time to regularly go to a salon/spa, or for someone that doesn’t have significant issues and feels that they don’t really need to go to a dermatologist. I recommend you go to the website and just take a look around. There are so many before or after pictures of people with a wide variety of skin issues that have had a successful experience with Skin Peel! And as a special thank you for my followers Skin Peel is offering a discount on all orders until December 31st! Enter the discount code “SHEBLOGS” and you’ll receive 20% off! Seriously?!! For a reasonably priced product 20% is a sweet deal! I really encourage you to give the product a try.

And after checking out Skin Peel check out where I’m hopping today!!


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