Seriously, what are people thinking?

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So I haven’t decided yet if I just raise my kids weirdly or if other people are absolutely insane. I mean have you ever been out in a public place and maybe wonder, “what the heck are those people doing?” Now, I’m not talking about the people with the screaming kids or the kids running around in circles around their parents…because we have ALL been there, we have. I’m talking about the people that let their kids do things that one would consider common sense to not let their kids do. Its freezing here so I’m looking for some different things to do around town that are out of my house because you can only be in here so long with a four year old boy especially. So they have this little play area in the mall and I’ve taken the kids a couple times in the last week or two. Today there was a large group of moms that had been walking around the mall with their strollers. they all come in and park all their strollers in this teeny tiny place, taking up precious running room (strike one). So there are a lot of kids now, so i tell my son (in what I believe is a totally common sense move) that climbing up the slide playing is okay, but not when there are so many little ones wanting to go down the slide. He looks at me and understands. One of the stroller mom’s kids proceeds to go around and around climbing up the slide, pushing smaller children out of the way, not letting kids go down. My son, with the whole five seconds of attention span proceeds to follow the girl. I go back over (very near where the mom is sitting) and quietly explain to brian that he can’t do that. He looks at me, understands and goes around to slide down. the little girl continues to do it…and it is completely obvious that she is totally getting in the way, being rude, as there is a long line of little ones waiting that she is making it quite difficult for. Well that was about it for me. Brian is now looking at my totally frustrated. I yell across the way, “Just because somebody else is climbing up the slide brian doesn’t mean that you should do it.” My two girlfriends that were with me just cracked up, as well as two other moms that were sitting next to us. I mean, clearly!! That to me should be a common sense kind of rule. That was strike two. I had gone to take Ami to the potty and by this time Brian has moved on and is running around with another little boy. out of no where this other little boy just starts totally attacking brian, smacking him in the face, hitting him. All this while I was gone. My friends were pissed when I came back. They told me that this kid had been running around tormenting other kids and finally one of my friends said something and the mom caught him in the act apparently. And of course acted all appalled, like this was the first time he’d ever done anything like that before. Sorry lady, i don’t buy that. Sheesh! Strike three!! Seriously, what is wrong with people, just watch your kids when you’re around other kids that you don’t know and strangers and an open area. I mean, kids are kids, i get it and you do your best when you have that many in a small space…but come on…lets start by actually watching them…what a novel idea.

Anyone else ever experienced this kind of stuff? Please let me know I’m not alone?

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  1. (New Follower) *visiting from Winter Friends Wednesday Hop.
    please visit me back:

    Yep, been there done that– including the calling out to my kids so the 'other mom can hear'- they never care; those other moms.
    it's an entitlement thing and not wanting to crush their precious little one's spirits…

  2. Okay, I love this post. Mainly because I am constantly turning to friends of mine when we're out and saying, "What is that mom THINKING?"

    I can't stand when parents just ignore the fact that their kids are acting horribly, do they really want them to grow up to be rude adults?

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