A HOP, skip and a Fruit of the Loom Review!

So ladies, raise your hand if you HATE bra shopping!!?? LOL!!! I expect that every single one of you has raised your hand. Bra shopping is the bane of my existence, as I’m sure it is to most of you. So when I was given the opportunity, through Business2Blogger, to review a bra I was like, “ummm yes, please!” I was able to reiview Fruit of the Loom’s new “Great T-shirt Bra“. First of all let me say that it is adorable and the material is amazing, and it IS a great t-shirt bra, and looked great under my shirt, even in the grey color. For a big busted lady like myself, finding cute bras is next to impossible unless I’m willing to fork over a fist full of cash. I’ve longingly stared at the adorable and delicate bras and I make my way to the very plain large cups. But have no fear, Fruit of the Loom has sizes in the DD’s ladies! The bra fit well, having never tried it on and only measuring myself with their size charts. so I would say they are very true to size if you want to order one online. I know that’s always a hesitation with ordering something new online. Will it fit right? But, have no fear ladies, they have an absolute Guarantee!!! And add on a flat rate for shipping, whooohooo!!! I guarantee if you head over to ShopFruit, you’ll find more than one or two things that you love. If you are thinking about getting a new bra I would suggest giving Fruit of the Loom a try. You’ve really got nothing to loose.


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