Rhe’s Bookshelf #3: The Fight of Our Lives

I was given the opportunity to read this book by the publisher and I’m so glad that I snatched this book. It was an amazing read, and as a Military Wife and American I recommend that everyone read this book. Don’t let the title of this book scare you or make you have any pre-conceived notions about this book. This is not just a random blathering of some right-wing, pro-war, Islamic hating person. This is a well-written and intelligent book, that includes the praise of those doing positive things in the Islamic words and the worlds of Muslims themselves. Granted, depending on your political views there may be many things you don’t like about this book, but there are several chapters that should be read regardless of where you stand politically. You will definitely learn something. While this book expresses many ‘Opinions’ of the authors, this book was well researched and includes so many facts that can not be construed as just opinions. I didn’t feel as if I was being manipulated or things were shoved down my throat. I have seen other people say that they felt like the author was trying to scare us or turn us into “1984”. I didnt’ feel that way. It could, however, be me. After putting it down I felt like buying everyone I knew a copy. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have read a book I might not have otherwise seen. It had a lot to say and was a lot to take in; and isn’t what I would consider “light reading”. Spread the word because it needs to be spread.

4 stars frome me

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