World Breastfeeding Week

I’m a little late on this everyone, but its World Breastfeeding Week! Check out their Link.
I am pregnant with my third, and will once again be breastfeeding. This time I’m determined to make it work longer than the last two. I think I do struggle with an actual physical issue. Some of it could have been just inexperience, especially with the first one, but heaven’s it wasn’t for lack of trying. I even got a fancy breast pump to help with that. The second time around I discovered a great herb called Fenugreek, and thank my mommy friend Barb for introducing me to that. What an angel! The thought had never occurred to me, before I was pregnant, that I would have any issues. But really, alot of stuff doesn’t occur to moms before their moms, no matter how much babysitting you did (and I did A LOT!). My mom had a friend who was lactation specialist/nurse come over and talked to me. I never did a class with a certain organization and I probably won’t ever. I am however going to class sponsored by Medela next week and I’m soooooooo excited, the awesome maker of my fabulous breast pump. The truth of the matter is that I have had one too many disspointing and irritating experiences with the unnamed organization that I’m over it. Now before I make anyone too mad, I am sure that there are wonderful people there and many many many people have been blessed by them. I’m also aware that there are nuts in every group of people. I feel like, along with the “natural” and “epidural” group, there is this ongoing battle between women in the breastfeeding/formula realm. And really it is so ridiculous!! Why do we as women fight over the stupidest things. Yes, I am here to tell you I get that breastmilk is amazing and wonderful and the best thing that I could give my baby. But from someone who has struggled, and felt like they did all they could, it doesn’t help to tell them how horrible formula is. It doesn’t help to tell me that I must not be really trying and must not be doing something right. I have two beautiful children raised primarily on formula. And, not to brag, but they are kinda smart and extremely healthy children – formula, vaccinations and all, LOL! If you are a breast feeding mamma that has had no problems I envy you! I think that is amazing. It is hard work, takes dedication and sacrifice and TIME! I’m excited to give it a third go…I’m all prepped with my mother’s milk tea, my fenugreek, I’m going to my class and I’m excited! But I know that if I’m not able to, and I have to go to formula that’s fine. I know my child will be healthy and wonderful. And to all those mom’s out there that might read this…you aren’t alone! I discovered a whole world of mom’s that were like me after I had my experience. I thought to myself, what a blessing that we have herbs, and teas and professionals…..and formula! To think back in the day, or in many third world countries, mothers and babies aren’t so lucky!

So three cheers for mother’s everywhere!! Whether you’re a breastfeeding or formula mom, a store bought baby food or homemade mom, a cloth diapering or disposable mom, an organic, no plastic mom or not! We are mothers and that should be enough to unite us!!! So lets celebrate World Breastfeeding Week and let it remind us that we are all moms!!!!!!!

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