Kebbie’s Diaper Bag Blogging Opportunity

Here I am sharing a wonderful blogging opportunity again with you all! One of the things on my giant blogging list of things to do is share with yo my Cloth Diapering Journey. Its a new one and I’m super excited about it. As a past sposie using mama its been quite a journey…but along with posting my story (inspired by many of you other cloth diapering mamas out there) I’ve also compiled lists an pictures and thoughts and ideas of the diapers I’ve used, I’ve finally gotten a Rafflecopter account for future giveaways and gotten me some good movies for the kids quiet time, which has fast become my blogging time. I’m also looking at some great guest blogging opportunities to share my story.

One of the wonderful bloggy ladies I have met recently would be Midnight Mommy. She has had some great reviews and giveaways over there and also has a business called Kebbie’s Diaper Bag. Here’s their facebook page. Adorable diapers, just FYI there. Kebbie’s is looking for some bloggers willing to review and blog about some different products. So if you are interested check out the link here. But even if you aren’t, but still love Cloth Diapering an all that goes along with that please stop by Daily Mothering and visit Kebbie’s Diaper Bag as well! Thanks and good luck everyone!

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