Mom’s and Sleeping….50% off coupon with Nature’s Sleep!

I’m already laughing as I write this post…because seriously? What woman really sleeps the same once you have children, and become, A MOM! We don’t! I remember my mom talking about having a hard time sleeping, even when I was older and going out and staying out late. I was at least 18 or 19 when we have the conversation. She told me that she just couldn’t get into a deep sleep until she knew I was home, safe in my bed. She knew where I was and that I was safe, but there was something about me being home safe in my bed that was the only thing keeping her from being fast asleep in that bed. If you think about that, it starts out early in our mommyhood. As soon as we have our little ones, then bring them home – and for me – place them in their bassinets, we have kissed real sleep goodbye forever. Are they sleeping okay, are they breathing, are they warm enough, are they too hot? My littlest little one is about three and half months, and for me right now, is it “have they leaked through their diaper,” and “will they sleep through the night or for at least 6/7 hours straight?” So the type of worry you face clearly changes over the months and years….but the basic sentiment of lack of sleep and moms is the same.

There is so much to worry about as a mom, so much to lose sleep over, but I wonder if I could make it any better by sleeping on a pillow or mattress that’s better for me. I’m not really sure. I’ve had the same pillows for awhile. I feel like I’ve broken them in right. They are MY PILLOWS and I love them. That is the tragic part of this post. My husband lost my pillow on our cross country trip. Yep, you heard me right! We stayed in so many hotels while traveling and hotel is sleeping is usually one of the worst sleeps I get. So, this time I made sure to remember my pillow and not pack it. I remembered and it didn’t get packed. Then somewhere along the way, Nebraska I think, the pillow somehow didn’t get packed. Now if you combine that with one of my daughter’s pants and my son’s jacket, we actually did a great job. How many hundreds of miles, like 10 states, three kids and two exhausted parents? So now I’m on the hunt for a new and amazing pillow. And that’s when I heard about Nature’s Sleep, and thought to myself, “Well, maybe this is my chance!” I’ve tried some of those fancy sleep pillows, you know those hard, memory foam type ones. I dunno, I could just never get comfortable on those. And I thought, are there any other other options for good sleep, some support, but not so hard of support? That’s when I stumbled upon Nature’s Sleep Faux Down Pillow! A Faux down pillow that still forms to my head for actual head and neck support?! What!!!??? Well, its true people. I have yet to try it. But I might just consider it with this 50% off code from the awesome peeps at Nature’s Sleep. And they have been so kind and are allowing me to share it with my readers! Thank you Nature’s Sleep!!! Go to NATURE’S SLEEP and enter the code BEARS50 and snag yourself up one of their awesome products!!! Here’s to a mama’s goodnight sleep!!!

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