Ohh Baby Baby Giveaway Event Sposor Spotlight!!

I’m so excited about this upcoming event everyone!  I love me a good giveaway and this one is sure to be full of them.  I’m taking this opportunity to remind everyone about the event, taking place April 1-15.  The ever lovely Shopping Duck is hosting this event and there are 50+ blogs participating!  I have some wonderful giveaways for this event, and I’m excited to be showcasing some WAHMs this time around.   As a SAHM myself, who likes to be a little crafty, I love meeting and finding other cool SAHMs.  These ladies are way more talented then I could ever hope to be, and I’m lucky to have them as sponsors of my humble little blog.

 Our first Sponsor Spotlight and sneak peek into this event is Daphne at AdoraBelle Boutique.  You can find her cute little button to the right here.  She makes these amazing Nursing/Teething necklaces and some pretty darn cute tutus.  She is the mother of three, homeschooling mama, some might call her crunch, but I call her pretty awesome!  How she finds the time to do all she does with three littles is amazing.  She has a wonderful blog called Naturally at Home,  and is also getting a Facebook page off the ground as well, that you guys should check out as well.

I’ve discovered so many things with this pregnancy and baby that I didn’t know about or have with the first or second.  Nursing and Teething necklaces are one of those things.  Daphne was gracious enough to see me one of her necklaces that she makes and I love it!!  I’ve been wearing everyday.  I love it because its cute, and even after breastfeeding is over (*tear*) I’ll probably still wear it.  It is definitely more of a casual necklace, if I had to put it in a category, but with one of the many colors she has, I’m sure you can find something to wear with every outfit!  These necklaces are great because your little one is not pulling this cord and breaking it.  It comes on an adjustable cotton cord that is knotted.  You simply slide the cord and you can adjust the length.  I like my necklaces long and I wouldn’t mind getting an inch or two longer on this, but at its longest it lays at 15inches, which is perfect for my little guy to reach up and tug on, which he totally does all the time.  He tugs on it when he’s in my arms or in his carrier, and sometimes I just let him hold it when he’s hanging out in my lap.  The cool, hard stone is great for him right now, with some teeth sure to make an appearance soon.  The stone measures about 1 1/2 inches across and its the perfect size for little hands and mouths.

As you can see I….I mean, “WE” love it!!!  And for this event one lucky winner will be getting an AdoraBelle Necklace of their very own!!!

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