Ohh Baby Baby sponsor spotlight: 4ward Thinking Cloth Diapers

Well, this is my last sponsor spotlight for the Upcoming Ohh Baby Baby event starting Tomorrow! Its almost here and I’m really excited about this event. I have two great items from two really awesome WAHMs.

For this sponsor spotlight I’m showcasing the the amazing skills of Cheryl at 4ward Thinking Cloth Diapers. I myself only recently became a cloth diapering mama and I am loving it. I only wish I had clothed my older two, especially my daughter, because seriously the girlie patterns are just ridiculously cute! It really has become a little love affair and I’m starting to become concerned about the whole saving money aspect (sarcastically of course) because I just wanna buy buy buy all these adorable diapers. But anyway I digress…..I stumbled about 4ward Thinking as a referral from another CDing mama on a Diaper group on FB.  I initially went looking because I was interested in trying a fitted type dipe because I hadn’t ever before.  I came across Cheryl, started talking to her and she agreed to become a Cammo Style Love sponsor!  Yippeee!!  As I started checking out her stuff I couldn’t believe how much more there was than just Diapers!  This lady seriously makes everything you could ever imagine!  There’s the diapers of course – covers, fitteds, pockets and the rest; there’s stuff for the mama – bamboo nursing pads and mama cloth; teething toys, cloth wipes, diaper holders and the list goes on and on.  She also does customs…and I don’t know anything cuter than a custom diaper from her with ruffles on the butt! 

There’s an amazing story about 4ward Thinking and the reason why we have such a talented lady supplying us with some amazing Green and Cloth items.  Cheryl is the mama to three boys and in 2009 #3 of those little boys was born.  His name is Rowan and he is pretty much a superhero as far as I’m concerned, and so is Cheryl.  Rowan was born with Osteogenious Imperfecta, or brittle bone disease, so this awesome mama quiet her job in the finance world to stay home with her little boy and care for him.  I encourage you to read more about Cheryl’s inspiring store here, although I think I need to talk her into writing a book.  Forward Thinking started out as an outlet and now has become so huge!  Cheryl’s diapers are even carried in three retail stores, including Cutie Poops and Bottoms.  While raising three boys, one with medical issues, and being quite the busy lady, Cheryl processes 125-150 diapers a month, keeps a nice stock and runs a monthly co-op!  You can check out Chery’ls diaper chatter page (B/S/T) here

Here’s some pics for you to drool over!

Now onto the review!  I was so excited to review and give a test run to a brand new dipe!!!  And what’s even cooler is that I get to announce the super secret surprise for The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012!!!  Twenty-five of Cheryl’s customers will be receiving this diaper! Yup, that’s right, Cheryl is making this diaper as a gift for some of her customers in honor of the event!  Now, if you haven’t signed up for this even you should.  This will be my first year participating and I’m so excited.  You can learn more by visiting their website.

Let me give you the specs on this diaper.  This is a workhorse diaper.  It is a bamboo fitted (requires a cover), with the inner and outer – Alone- totally 4 layers of bamboo flannel.  There is a dual soaker with 6 layers of bamboo flannel and 8 layers of bamboo fleece.  It is a snap closure with a fold over rise for the newbies.  At first when I was looking at it I thought, gosh I don’t know about this rise, how long will this diaper really last for us.  Then I did some comparison and I could easily see this diaper lasting quite awhile as your little one grows.  It takes a lot of prep, and I had never worked with Bamboo before, so that’s something to consider, but once you do it I think its worth it for sure.  And it only gets better as you wash it.  I received the diaper and two soakers.  They snap in and on top of each other so the the amount of bamboo is customizable.

       I decided to jump right in and do an overnight because my little guy just started sleeping about 5 hours at a time.  At the time I didn’t have a wool cover (which should be arriving any day now – yay!), so i just put one of my other covers over it.  It was amazing!  Fit under the cover of my choice no problem, no leaks and boy was that suckor heavy when I took it off!  I have a heavy wetter on my hands and this did the job just as well as, if not way better than any of my other go to night time pockets.  Next I tried it during his long nap, this time with only one of the soakers.  Again, no problem and this time it barely penetrated the very outside layer of the diaper.  I also find that it washes well and the drying isn’t really as bad as I imagined it would be.  I air dry it after my wash and use it the next day.  If I washed it in the morning I could probably use it that night, and I live in a pretty humid area.  In short, I love this diaper.  It was a great introduction to bamboo and fitteds for me, and I highly recommend anyone looking for a workhorse type dipaer because this will certainly live up to that name.

 Side by side comparison:

This is a Gro-Via AI2 open on the largest rise setting 
my son is 5 months and is on the second snap setting for the Gro-Via and 
fits in the bamboo one without the fold down rise and it could definitely grow with him still.
Come back for the Ohh Baby Baby event and snag yourself an On-the Go-Diaper Pouch!
Check out this adorable pattern!  Seriously cute!


Disclosure: In compliance with FTC guidelines, I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions you see here are 100% my own and was created and written by me.

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