Mother’s Day Event Spotlight “Fashion Bums” #ClothDiaperHop

Hi everyone, here is my last sponsor spotlight for the event! I’m pretty excited about this one because not only is she a WAHM but she’s also a fellow Military Spouse, and I love that!! I’ve also had the great honor of meeting Victoria and it’s safe to say she’s pretty awesome. Victoria started Fashion Bums in. She was interested in cloth diapering and thought, “Hey, maybe I can make those.” Now she’s has this amazing business and makes everything from diapers, liners, inserts and wipes! She makes custom diapers, including my favorite that I got to review, the military cammie diaper. She can also fix some of your name brand diapers! She’s repaired some aplix on mine before. I was able to test out her Camouflage diaper cover, with a fleece inner.

It is a one-size diaper with aplix.  It is a 100% waterproof cover withsome great soft fleece on the inside.  These diapers are available with snap closures as well.  Now, before i continue….”yes, I know its Army digi!!”  LOL!!!  Now, onto the review.  I really like this diaper.  Its a great cover, it was totally waterproof.  I wouldn’t have minded an extra rise option because I felt like it could have gone one size smaller for my little guy specifically, but that of course is in a perfect world.  There are four rise options and I have it on the smallest setting here.  The Prince here is 6 months and probably about 15lbs now.  There was a nice and comfortable fit around the legs, and they successfully kept in what the little man was happy to give it.  I used it during the day and a nap.  Victoria actually makes her own adorable inserts, with the cutest patterns.  I happened to try this cover out with one of my Gro-Via inserts and also one of my Best Bottom inserts.  Both fit very well and did their job.  They didn’t slide around or anything inside.  What i really like about this diaper is that it has a really nice narrow fit through the legs, which makes this a very trim diaper.  One of the diapers that I have used that I thought I would love and ended up not, was the Flip Diaper.  Its a great diaper, but its a bit wide for my little guy, in the crotch area.  I don’t have that bulk problem with these diapers.  But just the fact that I found a diaper that I can have my little Prince wear, and show off support for his daddy is really enough for me to buy these diapers.  I love that its made by a fellow mil-spouse and wahm.  I love that she is hands on, knows a lot about all sorts of diapers and is willing to help out with anything cloth diaper related.  I also was able to try out one of her contour diapers (which one lucky reader here at CSL will win).  Seriously the cutest diaper!

 I’ve never used this kind of diaper and I was actually nervous!  One of the reasons why I was so scared to cloth diaper a newborn, was the thought of figuring out the whole snappi situation.  Well, now I wish I had met Victoria and tried out these!  It was so easy.  I simply folded it up and across my little guy and put the Snappi on.  I got it on the first try.  I show it above pictured next to a Best Bottom (on its largest rise setting), and then underneath my Gro-Via cover (can you tell I love Gro-Via).  These contour inserts are a nice soft cotton flannel and three layers of fleece inside.  This was able to withstand a normal duration during the day, didn’t bother baby’s sensitive skin and I didn’t have any problems with it underneath my Gro-Via cover on the smallest rise setting.

After trying some of her products I actually purchased something new that she added to her line, cloth wipes.  That was one thing that I didn’t start doing when I began to cloth my son.  I just didn’t, and its honestly because I still really consider myself a newbie and hadn’t heard of them until not that long ago.  I’m glad I did.  It honestly makes things really easy.  Just wipe, toss it with the diaper, toss it in the wetbag, there you go.  Loved them!!

Here’s some more of her stuff.

 Inserts – newborn and one size
 cute prints with aplix
 snap diaper
Re-usable wipes
Fashion Bums has graciously offered to include one of her contour/insert diapers into the Mother’s Day package.  Check out this adorable monkey print!  Also, Snappi was wonderful enough to contribute one snappi in purple for the event as well!  I got to say I’m a new fan of the Snappi!  This ain’t your mama’s cloth diapering!!!
Make sure to come back May 1st for the Mother’s Day event!!  In the meantime, check out Fashion Bums on Facebook and Etsy!

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