Mil-Spouse Appreciation Day!!

Well, here I am, a day late with my mil-spouse appreciation day post. This has been an amazing week for me and my mind has been swimming with thoughts and ideas for me and my blog, and my readers. One thing I am very excited about is an upcoming series about the military life. There are so many spouses, experiencing different things, in different situations, from different backgrounds and living different lives. But, and that’s an important BUT…..we can all learn from each other. Even if we aren’t going through a specific situation we can still learn from them. I feel like the military life is like perpetual school. I know that every day I’m learning something new. I’m seeing other ways to cope. My kids help me learn. They help me learn to be a better woman, mother and wife! I’m stronger because I know I can be. I hope to bring some amazing stories to you. Stories from some amazing fellow mil-spouses that are strong and beautiful women, along with bringing you my own story.

So to all the strong women out there, Military spouses, girlfriends an fiancรฉ, thank you so much for your example, for your inspiration and encouragement. Stay tuned for a new story every week.

Now just a little tidbit about me

I’m an Air Force Wife, technically Air Guard, but we are full time…ridiculously hard to explain most of the time…….

We have three beautiful children and have been together for 13 years!

I love to read when I can, watch black and white movies, spend time with the huzzy when I can. Watch my crazy children grow, watch the news, read the news, learn as much as possible about the amazing history of our country! We are now living in the DC metro area and Im in absolute heaven! If you aren’t already a follower I hope you come by when you can.


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  1. Hey! Already a follower, but just wanted to hop on and say Happy Mothers Day and Happy Milspouse Appreciation (yester)day! ~Allison (at Keep Calm and Soldier On)

  2. We are Air Guard, too! Except we are traditional rather than full time. It's nice to meet you & I am looking forward to the upcoming series! I'm following now ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you had a blessed MSA & Mother's Days!

  3. Hi, I'm coming by from the blog hop. Glad you were able to join in! My hubby is active duty Air Force, but some of the guys he works with are full time Reservists, so the full time ANG thing makes total sense to me.

    I've got three kids of my own that keep me fairly busy. I figured out from your sidebar over there that your family cloth diapers too! I love that, even though my littlest is nearly out of them now.

    I look forward to the upcoming series! Hope you're enjoying the blog hop, if you get a chance and the inclination, you can find me at

    Happy blog hopping!

  4. Hi! I am a little late from the BlogHop but I wanted to say that you have a beautiful family! It was nice to meet you! So Happy belated military spouse appreciation day and Mother's Day!!!! Amanda

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