Mommy and Me Monday…and some other fun stuff

I have been stalking this blog hop for quite some time (cuz you’re just awesome chica).  And now I’m actually remembering to participate!  Hallelujah!!  Make sure to also check out some of my recent posts that are pretty cool if I do say so myself – Taking Care of You, an awesome guest post about life as a Reserve Spouse, and site seeing in DC.

This weekend the hubbs was gone so I decided to get out of the house with the kids and do something fun.  Luckily I have an awesome new friend and neighbor with a little boy.  He absolutely adores all three of my children and the feeling is mutual.  Moving to a new place is hard but they have made it much easier on us.  So along with my Mommy and Me Monday pic I’ve added a few others as well!  Make sure to link up.

This is us at The National Zoo in D.C.

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