Nature’s Sleep Slipper Review and Giveaway!

Hi everyone, gonna blast you with a couple post in the next couple days so watch out!! I’ve had so much going on in my house and in my head that I feel like I’m playing catch up even though I’m not necessarily trying to catch up to anything (to mom’s this might make sense). And now that I’m not cross-eyed anymore I have a fabulous review and giveaway brought to you by the fabulous people at Nature’s Sleep! I was able to review their closed toe slippers in pink. In a word, AMAZING!! These are an indoor/outdoor sleeper with visco-elastic memory foam inside. They are comfortable and designed to absorb pressure and impact.

These slippers are super comfortable I will say.  Warm and I helped save my feet on this nasty rough carpet that is in the house we just moved in (ouch).  I’ve worn them inside and out with no issues, and have been able to clean the bottom of the shoes when I’ve needed.  The traction is pretty good for a slipper.  No slipping and sliding on the wood or linoleum floors, which is super nice when you are carrying around a little one all the time.  I also am notorious for foot issues (from my dancing days) and while I love these slippers there isn’t a ton of arch support.  The memory foam is wonderfully comfortable on my sore tootsies, but if you are really looking for some intense arch support this might not be the slipper for you.  Also, I will say is that after a couple of weeks of wearing them I had a seam separation where the slipper meets the sole.  I’m not exactly sure how this happened, and I don’t remember snagging it on anything in particular.  Totally easy to fix and it may have well been something I did that isn’t ringing a bell.  I feel like these slippers are really well made in general, and like I said, I was able to fix it fairly easily.

The Nature’s Sleep company has some amazing products, several of which are on my wish list.  I’m a stomach sleeper and finding a supportive, yet not too bulky pillow is hard to find and I’m itching to give one of their pillows a try.  And really, who wouldn’t want to have a fabulous memory foam mattress.  check out some of these other things available from Nature’s Sleep.

What did I think: I definitely give this slipper three out of four combat boots.  Its a comfortable slipper, with moderate support, warm and keeps me fro slipping around like if I had socks.  And while there may be issue with the strength of the seams and arch support I still really like this slipper and would definitely consider purchasing it as a gift for someone, or recommend it for someone in the market for a good quality slipper or house shoe.

Buy it: You can buy this in a open or closed toe model on.  You can use the code BEARS50 for 50% off your purchase! Hurry Hurry!

Win it: One lucky Cammo Style Love reader will be winning a pair of their very own in the choice of color and style!

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