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So Mother’s Day and Military Spouse Appreciation Day have come and gone…..my birthday is also thrown in there, so I’m usually a pretty spoiled girl come May. My hubby doesn’t usually do anything super big for Mil-Spouse Appreciation day, but usually it’s a little something – a card, a coin or something along those lines; and it’s usually military related. But….when its over now what?  I was thinking about it though that when I set aside time for me, whether it be to go get my hair cut, a mani/pedi, a nice bath even grocery shopping by myself I keep my energy level up and my sanity in place.  I know its seems like lame product placement but I surprisingly found myself skimming the pages of Eden Fantasys after recently being introduced to them, for inexpensive body products.  Its not a place I would have gone first, because why not go somewhere right now where I can get something (even though I would be paying more).  But I digress…

          My husband is always telling me not to get close that sanity cliff. As moms, though, sometimes I think we find ourselves about to fall over even before we even realized we were close enough. I think it’s important during those non-holiday months to make sure we mom’s have time. That is a tough thing to guarantee when you’re a mom, and then throw into that that you’re a military spouse. You can include single mom’s into that, wives whose husband’s travel constantly for work. I have a friend whose husband was gone almost as much as mine was and he wasn’t even in the military, so I know we aren’t the only one with this struggle. So, here I am with this time. I’ve got it, the hubby tells me to by either taking care of the kids himself or telling me to just hire a babysitter already! (Could you hear his military voice there, like he was yelling at one of his Airmen?) Now the dueling begins in my brain. Its an even tougher duel if the hubby is home and offering. He’s home for crying out loud, a rare occurence. Why do I want to go out without him? I want to be with him, and more importantly I want to be with him.  I also wouldn’t mind doing something together as a family, grasping tightly to these fleeting moments, when the kids are small, think we are the world and love everything about us *wink wink*.

But back to the hubby.  Spending time with him is really what I’m getting at.  I know its important to have me time, but I can do that while he’s gone (spending money on a babysitter so I can go dink around still makes me cringe).  Maybe I’ll find a sparkly halter top to go out in, put some make-up on and some 4 inch heels so he’ll have something to think about on those days he’s away.  Or maybe a little something for later.  The point is to remember to take time in our crazy lives.  Leave the dishes, leave the toys and put off the laundry for another day.  In the moments we have together as a couple and as a family, take them and run!

And if you might interested in checking out EdenFantasys even though it might be a little weird or new do it.  I was actually impressed with the quality of the items and the range of items.  They have so much more than one might assume.  Awesome beauty products and cute clothes.  Stuff to pamper yourself with.  As always their standard shipping is free for orders $59+ and there are some great promotions going on right now.

Thanks for stopping by this Sunday and I hope your week is wonderful.  Remember to take time for you.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for EdenFantasys bloggers.  As always (as stated in my Disclosure/PR tab, I was not compensated in order to give a positive review or statement.  My thoughts and opinions are my ownTake them or leave them.

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