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          Sort of like Christmas in July right?!  Maybe its a new holiday we should come up with, or some kind of sales thing…I dunno, I smell a good marketing campaign.  When you think of costumes most people naturally think of Halloween.  If you have a little girl, about the age of 3 or 4, every day is a costume day!  One day she just started gravitating to them in the store.  It didn’t matter if it was an actual costume or anything pink and frilly.  There is definitely something to be said for Nurture, and how we mold our children, but I’m telling you, there’s a lot of nature involved!  LOL!  I remember my mom telling me about the times I would sleep in my slip and my “clicky shoes”, which is what I called black patent leather mary jane’s.   So I’m happy to say that I’m passing on the girlishness and Ami loves to wear all that stuff, all day long, in bed, eating food…its like pulling teeth to get them off.  We have one rule, “it stays at home.”  So we don’t go to the store or errand running in the dress-up clothes.

          When I received the opportunity to review an item from a costume store, and it wasn’t anywhere near Halloween, I wasn’t concerned in the least bit about what I would do with the said item.  I mean, who wouldn’t want a new costume you know what I mean?  So, I took a nice little internet stroll over to Wholesale Costumes to check out the Popular Costumes for 2012.  I naturally checked out some of the Disney costumes that would be sure to catch the eye of my girlie girl.  Some of my favorites were Snow White,  Belle, and Minnie Mouse And for only a little bit more than a costume I could get at my local grocery type store, I can have more variety and, frankly, better quality.  The truth of the matter is I was honestly a little shocked at the quality.  I mean, you know these costumes are usually not the best.  I’ve gotten the ones locally and have a day of playing in them they are starting to come apart.  We can safely say that after a week or so of some good playing this costume has kept up quite nicely, and I was even able to get a stain off of it and get it right back to playing.

          We chose the Girls Deluxe Alice In Wonderland costume and it is darling.  It came with the petticoat and a matching headband.  What I most liked about the costume was that, even though it has some unique aspects to it, it looks like the costume from the movie.  It has some added decorations that make it unique and “deluxe” I think.  Some extra frills, some sparkly and ruffles and a picture of Alice, are some of the things that make this a little more “deluxe” then the movie version, but it was enough like it that my little girl knew right away what it was.

Love it: I really appreciate the quality of this item.  For a little more money I can get something nicer then what I might find in the average grocery store.  Its super cute and I appreciate the fact that even though they frilled it up a bit it still looks like the costume from the movie.  I would recommend ordering online from this company if you were looking for some dress-up clothes or you couldn’t find a costume in the store that you were looking for.  You can find so many costumes on here, and last year when I was struggling to find an affordable Captain Hook costume for my son I would have loved to have been able to order from them. 

What I might change: The headband it comes with isn’t super high quality and isn’t one-size fits all. The elastic on the waist of the little petticoat was a little big on my daughter, while the rest of the costume fit her well, so that might be something I would change.  And even though the pictures on the bow and the apron of Alice are super cute, its kind of a pet peeve of mine when costumes actually picture the character the costume is of, lol, but it wouldn’t stop me from buying.

All in all I give this 3.75 combat boots from the Cammo Love House! 

You can check out Wholesale Costumes at the link above, or search Wholesale Costume Company on Facebook and like them!  Follow them on twitter @WHCostumes

I received this costume in an exchange for my opinion.  I was not compensated for a positive review, these opinions are honest and are my own.  you can see my PR and Disclosure link above for more information.

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