Sleeping Baby Happy Parents Review and Giveaway

          Baby Baby Baby overload here at Cammo Style Love.  Lots of fun reviews and giveaways recently.  All stuff that I’ve tried and loved.  This one being no exception.  I am pleased to talk to you today about the Sleeping Baby, Happy Parents CD.  I received this item, and since we have been using another sound type machine for my son, I immediately put this to use.  The one complaint about the item we are currently using is that its not long enough.  My son is still stirring in the night and I like the noise for him.  I think it helps.  We also have a bathroom right next to his room, so I like the filler noise for him.  The older kids can be loud and while I try to go about my regular day, vacuuming while he’s asleep, running the dishwasher, and all that kind of stuff, I don’t like to push it.  Anyway, I digress.  I got to review this CD and this was everything that I had been looking for.  I can download it on my Ipod, hook it up and hit replay!  On its own, its over an hour long, which is way longer than a lot of the noise machines for babies, that have an automatic shut-up.

         Here’s the story of the Sleeping Baby Happy Parents company:

Our inspiration for this project started when we were having difficulties calming our triplets for their naps and nighttime sleep. We fruitlessly searched for products that would soothe and relax them. For weeks, nothing seemed to work. that is, until a stormy, tropical night brought the calming rain, as well as the much-needed solution to us. Our babies slept like angels, as they listened to the soft, gentle sounds of the raindrops hitting their bedroom’s windowpane. This inspired us to share our discovery with other weary parents facing the same dilemma of a sleepless night.

While doing research for this project, we were much surprised to learn that for centuries, caregivers have utilized the power of nature as a way to lull infants to sleep. The calming sounds of rainstorms, ocean waves and rivers were harnessed by ancient peoples in order to calm and soothe babies. Sleeping Baby . Happy Parents proudly continues this tradition with our “Soothing Tropical Rain to Help Your Baby Sleep” soundtrack. Just press play and watch as you and your little one enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. After all, when there’s a “Sleeping Baby” in the home, there are sure to be “Happy Parents.”

I love this CD.  I love that I can download it from Itunes to my IPod or IPhone and hit repeat and play it for as long as I want, or as short as I want.  I can take it with me anywhere, and for a mom on the go, I LOVE that.  You can read more testimonials here

I give this four combat boots from the Cammo Love House! 

You have the chance to win a copy for you and your baby (or whoever else).  I promise, you’ll love it! 

Good Luck!

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  1. I don't have any of my own advice yet, since I'm due with my first baby in 2 1/2 weeks. But I've always thought this was some good advice:if your baby is sleeping, don't wake them up!

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