Summer Lovin’ Sponsor Spotlight #1

I am quite excited about this event. I have some awesome sponsors and i’m really excited!  This is my first spotlight for this event. I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny from Quite a Pear at  The Great Cloth Diaper Change.  She is also a fellow mil-spouse! Whoohooo!!  She was there with her daughter and her table looked like candy and treats in crochet form!  Some of the most beautiful things I had ever seen were all laid out on the table.  Now I crochet and knit but this is in a whole other league.  The yarn she uses is just absolutely fabulous.  It is also perfect for photographers if you are looking for some unique, and I think “Vintage” looking accessories, for a newborn shoot.  And although for the giveaway we’ll be seeing something from Jenny’s amazing crochets, there is so much more to Quite a Pear, as the name might allude.  There are a pair of Pears. Jessica happens to make the most adorable buckets that you have ever seen, designed for your needs.  They are “Quite” adorable if I do say so myself.  I am so happy to have Quite a Pear as sponsor here at Cammo Style Love.

Here’s a little bit about the “Pear”

Quite a Pear started with Jessica, she couldn’t find the perfect Easter basket for her daughter so she made her own bucket.  She got a few custom orders and before she knew it she there was a demand for customized buckets.  Jessica is a full time teacher, so she does a lot of custom classroom buckets. However, she can also customize buckets that match your nursery theme.  Another popular item is a personalize bucket that is large enough to fit a newborn inside which makes a great prop for newborn photos.  Thats where I come in, I’m Jenny, a stay at home mom/student working on my bachelors.  I crochet hats, booties, blankets, and props for newborn photography.  Jessica and I figured if we put our handmade items together you could get what you need for your baby or photo session all in one spot.  We sell off of Facebook only at this time; however, I will be opening an etsy shop named Autumn Berry Crochet in the future for newborn photography props.

make sure to stop by  Quite a Pear and check out all their awesome stuff.

Come back on the 6th for your chance to win a prize package including something from Quite a Pear!

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