Summer Lovin’ Spotlight #2

Hello everyone!  I’m getting more and more excited about this event as it comes up.  I have some really cool stuff and this is one of the coolest, in my ever humble opinion.  It should be no surprise that I love Medela.  Love Love Love them!  When I had my first born and had my breast feeding issues I ran as fast as I could to my nearest store and invested in an awesome Medela Pump.  Saved my life and helped me breastfeed far longer than I expected I would have.  I used Medela nipple shields when I had my struggles with inverted nipples; and I eventually became a Medela Mom, going to Breastfeeding 101 classes at Babies R Us.  While I’m not a certified lactation consultant by any means I AM a cheerleader for the breastfeeding mama.  Especially those that are struggling both physically with their breastfeeding, and also mentally.  I have known the self-doubt and anguish that can come with breastfeeding not going perfectly.  Its just not talked about like it should be and that is something I want to change.  Just because we are designed to do so, doesn’t mean it works perfectly.  And, striving to be Judgement Free, there are some people that just choose not to, or only choose to do it for a certain period of time – whether that be purely for a personal choice or because they are returning to work but would still like their child to have breastmilk.  Medela has made that an easy and wonderful experience.  I was so excited when I initially heard rumblings of this new bottle coming out.  It was receiving all sorts of hype and I figured it had to be pretty darn cool.  Medela already had standard bottles, that looked like any other and that could be used in conjunction with their breastfeeding supplies, so this one was going to be different.  When it showed up in my mailbox and I got a look at it I was intrigued to say the least.  It looks really cool and space-age.

I received one Medela bottle and two lids for it.  I spent about 20 minutes checking out this nipple.  It is the weirdest thing I have ever seen.  I showed it to my husband and he was pretty impressed with the valve system.  If the hubby is impressed, well then you know you got something.  He is always making fun of companies that claim to have leak proof stuff.  It cracks him up.  He’s the guy that wanted to buy that snack bowl thing – the gyro bowl or whatever, just to prove it wrong.  Here’s some up close views of it.

So not only does it claim to only drip and dispense milk when baby sucks, it claims to not alter the way baby sucks.  This is so you will have less of an issue with introducing a bottle.  So two very important claims.  I’ve used so many different brands of bottles.  There were lots I weren’t happy with.  Some of my favorite include the Soothie Brand Bottle ( the same people that make the hospital pacifiers) and the Tommee Tippee brand.  I’ve had good success with the bottles.  The Soothie ones in particular were so awesome have have lasted way longer than any other brand I have used and NO leaking!!!  However, bummer of bummers, I haven’t been able to find anyone that sells them anymore, which is such a shame.  With baby number three I had been more determined than ever to not only breastfeed but do it exclusively from the beginning and go as long as possible!  When the Calma bottle came out I was extremely anxious to try it out.  I have to tell you that this is the most amazing bottle.  Absolutely wonderful.  It did everything it said it was going to do.  It was like my boob, and I’m not even kidding you.  I was completely impressed with how easily Phillip latched onto it and started sucking.  I had noticed, that with my other two children, when I introduced the bottle they do that weird sucking thing where they are trying to get a grip on it correctly.  Has anyone else ever noticed that?  I didn’t notice that at all with this bottle.  No issues whatsoever.

Take a second to watch this video

Here’s some important points about this bottle

1. only one type of nipple needed throughout breastfeeding duration
2. baby can feed, pause and breathe regularly (JUST LIKE BREASTFEEDING)
3. milk flow will not start unless a vacuum is created

The first one is so important because unlike other bottle brands that require you to change the nipple as your baby grows, to accommodate the flow change holes and your baby’s feeding needs – you don’t have to do this with the calma bottle.  Amazing and saves my purse strings.

The one down side to the bottle is that it is expensive.  I’ve seen it anywhere from $16.95 to about $20.  But honestly I believe that it is worth it.  If breastfeeding is important but I still enjoy the flexibility that the bottle provides and the ability for the husbands to feed (if that’s important to you) then I would 100% suggest this bottle.  The fact that you don’t need that many of them, and the fact that you don’t have to buy multiple nipples throughout the growth of your baby makes up for the expensive price tag.  The Calma system works great with your Medela pump system.  And just a little tip – try the Calma lid on some of your other just might fit.  I will say that on the occasion that I’ve had to use formula, as long as it is mixed right, I’ve been able to use it.

In short I love this bottle and tomorrow during my Summer Lovin’ Baby Basics giveaway you can win one of your very own!!

What I like: I love that it actually does what it says.  I noticed that my son sucked the same way on the bottle has he did when I was feeding him.  The design is amazing and it is easy to clean.

What I don’t like: Its got quite a hefty price tag.  From anywhere $16-20 that is quite a blow to the pocket book.

In the end: Its worth it and I give this five out of five Combat Boots from the Cammo Love House!

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