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Happy Saturday everyone. I hope your weekend is off to a great start! Today I have a most awesome review and giveaway of a very cool product. I happened to stumble upon it while looking through some listings of new, small businesses. It was quite unique, and while I had seen similar products, nothing exactly like it had come across my desk. So I contacted them and now they are a lovely sponsor here at Cammo Style Love. Now, to lift the suspense. I would say its safe to assume that most people who have been hanging around the blogging world have heard of Birch Box, or similar products that come to you in the mail, full of full-size and sample products. I’ve seen Earth Friendly/Green ones, different make-up ones, but never one for kids! I’m sure there is something out there, but this was the first one that I’ve seen geared towards this demographic. It’s a fabulous idea in general. I mean, what woman doesn’t like to test all sorts of products that you wouldn’t normally buy or wouldn’t think to buy? Here’s a quick little snippit about Teethe Me:

What is a TeetheMe Box?

When you subscribe to TeetheMe, a monthly box of 4 to 5 products for your child aged newborn to 3 years old, will be stork delivered straight to your door in our signature TeetheMe Box.  We know how busy you are as a new parent.  At TeetheMe, we take the guesswork out of the seemingly endless amount of baby products on the market and only send you the most innovative, practical and unique products available.  The items in each box are hand picked by savvy moms and are based upon the child’s age. Don’t worry, we will not be sending a 2 year old the latest swaddle blanket!

Is that all?

No, we don’t stop there. Teetheme is a Community, not just a fabulous box of products. Our members rate, review and share their experiences on the latest products to give you the invaluable buyers’ edge in today’s overstuffed market. While here, don’t forget to check out our Diaper Bin (coming soon), the convenient one-stop newsroom where you can escape to your favorite mom blogs or catch-up on the latest parenting trend. Check out our own blog, The Daily Drool.

     Pretty cool huh?  Now, lets check out my Teethe Me Box, because I was very pleased.

          How cute is that box first of all.  Amazing presentation.  It was packed extremely well and was very appealing to the eye.  The customer service for Teethe Me is absolutely amazing.  And I’m only pointing that out because there was one issue with the box.  One of the items in it was a potpourri bag.  It pretty much was the strongest smelling thing I have ever ever ever smelled and it changed the smell of everything else in the box and I had to get rid of the box almost as soon as I opened it.  When I talked to Teethe Me about the situation, it was immediately noted, and taken care of.  I admire that in a company almost as much as the products they are selling.  If you don’t have great customer service you have nothing.  I am 100% confident in Teethe Me, that if you were displeased or dissassified, or concerned about anything, that they would be 1000% in your corner and do everything they could to satisfy you as a customer.  Now that I’ve completely gushed, let me tell you what awesome goodies were in my box.

I received several full-size items, much to my glee and surprise.  I received a Green Sprouts insulated bottle bag.  Its an adorable green argyle print.  It is quite roomy and has a hidden mesh pocket in the top for a pacifier or something like that.  Also, from green sprouts I received this adorable teether that Phillip was being so silly with!

I received a full size Earth Mama Angel Baby Baby Bottom Balm.  Great stuff.  It kind of has a Vaseline type texture and is a great barrier for baby’s bottom.
I received a sample size of Dr. Robins all-natural, chemical free skin care products – sunscreen.  Super great stuff, not oily or weird feeling.  Goes on good and lasted us a good couple hours outside in the sun.  
A sample Light a Candle – Feed a Child campaign.  This is an amazing program, and I will be buying a full-size candle.  Its a great, simple way to be a part of something great.  Click here for more info.  Great scents and a great cause.
The sachet I mentioned above is by Greenleaf.  They have lots of great scents and the scent I received was Classic Linen (in the large size).  It was great and I loved it (just not in the box in the mail, lol).  
I was so pleased with  my box, I’m hoping to talk hubby into letting me the get the box more.  It is custom tailored to you and your child by a questionaire, so I would really be shocked if you weren’t totally satsified each month when your box came.  Some of this stuff I hadn’t heard of (Dr. Robin and the Feed a Child Campaign) and the rest I just hadn’t ever thought of to buy.  I was totally thrilled and now I know more about the brands in question and will look for them to try in the full-size.
One lucky reader of Cammo Style Love will win a one month box of Teethe Me!!  Good luck!

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  1. I would love to see Aden & Anais products or a quality bib (my baby is going to start eating solid food next month:))
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  2. I love to try new products! I think a toy or sippy cup would be good for my 21 month old. For summer, I would like to try different, all natural suncreens.

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