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Healthy Homefront – Exercise baby!

Well, its Monday ya’ll and it’s back to the daily grind for a lot of us.  For me it’s back to exercising after my Sunday break.  As the number of ankle-biters (a throw back phrase to my love of Full-House) in my house has grown to three I’ve found it harder and hard to find time for anything really, other then making sure the kids are fed, sometimes bathed and that the house doesn’t look like a train sped through it, at least not for a couple days.  I recently was honored to become part of The Healthy Homefront and TriWest.  Its full of amazing posts from some equally amazing TriWest writers and some of my fellow military bloggers.  Here’s a little snippet of the awesomeness with this amazing article and trying to squeeze in that work out in your life.

Healthy Homefront

You can check out the original post and more from the Healthy Homefront here.

Too Busy? 10 Ways to Work Exercise into Your Life

By Shari Lopatin and Meghean Cook (triwest health coach)

Running Women

        Between your job, your kids, and maybe even your deployed spouse, you often wonder how you can exercise more, or even at all.

        Perhaps if the day expanded to 48 hours, regular exercise would seem more reasonable. Since that won’t happen, here are some tips to work more exercise into your busy life:

1. Make it a priority: schedule time in your calendar for the week, and keep it like any other important appointment.
     • Make a plan. What days will you exercise? What will you do? How long?
     • There are 1,440 minutes in the day. Can you find 30 to exercise?
2. Get an exercise partner. When you know someone is relying on you, you are less likely to skip your workout.
3. Try exercising in the morning. As the day goes on, many things can happen to derail your plans for an afternoon or evening workout.
4. Sign up for a class or a local 5k race. If you are financially invested, you will be less likely to skip the exercise session.
5. Find something you enjoy! Try something new and exciting. Remember, exercise does not have to be in a gym.
6. Squeeze in bursts of exercise throughout your day. Use a 15-minute work break or 15 minutes of your lunch to walk. Or, use the stairs instead of the elevator…you get the drift.
7. Exercise while you watch TV. Lift weights or use commercial breaks to complete push-ups, sit-ups, or jumping jacks.
8. Keep a pair of walking shoes with you (at work, in the car). This way you can take advantage of any time you have to squeeze in exercise.
9. Get your family involved. Walk or ride bikes after dinner—together!
10. Keep track of your exercise to see your progress.

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