Let’s Be Honest…with Purex

         So who here just loves Laundry?!  Is that a collective groan I hear?  To be honest its actually one of my more favorite household chores.  Dishes is my kryptonite.  Holy heck I hate doing it.  I have this running joke with one of my bff’s, that if someday we leave near each other that I will do all her laundry if she will do my dishes, or my bathrooms, something along those lines. There’s something about organizing the clothes into piles, getting it down to a science, overcoming all the struggles I’ve had with getting my cloth diaper laundry routine down and stuff like that.  And probably the happiest moment as a mom, Brian is starting to get involved in the laundry.  He helps me sort, and will move stuff from the washer to the dryer, from the dryer to the folding basket….likes to put the soap in.  And although he doesn’t do a “load” perse, he’s a super big helper and we’re well on our way.  So maybe saying “Let’s Be Honest” for me about laundry isn’t really much of anything because I like laundry…but don’t worry I have plenty of my own “Let’s Be Honest” moments.

Here’s some Honest Moment’s from the Cammo Love house.

          You know that change cup, jar, mug, whatever you have at your house, where you vow to put all your change and do something fabulous with it, like an amazing vacation to Disney Land?  Well, that vacation doesn’t seem all that important when its 7am in the morning and you’ve woken up all the kids (Ahhhhhhhh that’s like my number one no-no..let sleeping dogs lie) because you have to take the husband to work for any number of reasons and Starbucks is staring you in the face….good-bye change!

         The time I was too tired so I told my five year old that they were cleaning the pool so we couldn’t go, or that the power was still out at Tae Kwon Do….yeah, I’m that mom.

         You know that wonderful parenting principle you have about teaching your children to eat a wide variety of foods, his/her fruits, vegetables and all that good stuff?  Let’s face the music and be Honest for a second, all around health and goodness goes out the window on day three of your two year old using every ounce of energy they have to lovingly wax your floor as they spend most of their time on it throwing a fit…isn’t that cute…mommy’s little helper.  So what do you do?  You open up that box of mac and cheese and say, “it won’t make a difference this one time.”  And just let me say moms out there, “you are not alone, those moments become more frequent when you start juggling more than one kid, and its okay they will still go on to eat Salad when they are five!”

For some more hilarious “be honest” moments check out Purex.  And please share with me your “Lets Be Honest” moment.

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  1. If I don't feel like hanging up clothes I will just leave them on my bed, telling myself I'll hang them up later. I never do.. so they usually end up on the floor.

    allishagold at volcano dot net

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