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Happy Sunday everyone.  While I hope to have my normal Sunday Social up here today some time I wanted to bring to you another awesome book review.  This one in particular is a children’s book, but what makes it special is that it is a military related book.  I love reading books that are military related.  We can just go ahead and say I’m a total succor for them.  So, when the chance to be a part of this amazing book tour came up I was honored to be a stop on it.

Piper Reed is the first children’s book, that is military related, that I’ve read where the author is herself a Military Brat.  To me that shows an extra amount of care and concern for what is talked about portrayed in her books.  This is usually expected all the time in adult fiction and non-fiction books when it comes to the military; but I feel like it is especially important when it comes to children’s books on the subject.  When talking about deployment and the hard life many kids experience as military brats, having an intimate knowledge of it, and then being an amazing Children’s Author that can speak so carefully to children through the written word is a winning combination in my most humble opinion *wink wink*.  Ms Holt is quite the accomplished writer, writing children’s books, pictures books and the Piper Reed series.  Her book When Zachary Beaver Came to Town (winner of the 1999 US National Award Book Award for Young People’s Literature) was made into a movie in 2003.  Kimberly is the daughter of a US Navy Officer and has lived many different places, which are reflected in this series that I got to be a part of, Piper Reed.

I was given the opportunity to read Piper Reed, Forever Friend.  I actually chose to read it to my two children in their bed at night, before lights out.  I’ve not ever read chapter books to them, seeing as how they are only 3 and 6, but I thought this would be the perfect book to give it a try.  They instantly picked up on the fact that this little girl had a military daddy.  The fact that Piper is rather hilarious also helped.  Of course, I was quite animated to keep their attention, which in retrospect doing that at night might not have been the best idea.  However, they truly did like this book, even if they were only good for a couple pages a night.  The book, in my opinion, is ideal for children who are ages 7-11.  This would be a great small chapter book for those newer readers that want to give a big kid book a go.  I think it was absolutely wonderful reading it together with my children.

Here’s a synopsis of this book:

Piper is excited to move to a new state and catch up with old friends. But the move doesn’t go as smoothly as she expected: Piper has trouble feeling accepted in her new surroundings. But then she meets Arizona Smiley. Arizona is an avid stamp collector and bowls in a league. Piper is intrigued by Arizona’s originality and before long, she wins Arizona’s affections, and the two become great friends. This move turns out to be the best one yet, and Piper is eager to spread her trademark “Get Off the Bus” catchphrase once again.

Piper Read, Forever Friend gets five out of five stars for me, and its been quite awhile since I’ve given that many stars out to a book.  I will be most certainly purchasing the rest of this series for my daughter.

And for my awesome readers I have three Piper Reed books just for you!  You can win your own copy of Forever Friend, or another book from here series.  We also have Navy Brat and Rodeo Star!

I think these are wonderful and darling books that your little Navy Brat, boy or girl might like – probably mostly girl, but little stud seems to think she’s pretty hilarious so you might do all right yourself.  Good luck and thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to check out more titles at a Rafflecopter giveaway

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