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Hi everyone I’m super excited to bring you this amazing giveaway. NOVICA is an amazing group of designers. That’s really the best way to describe it. It reminds me sort of Etsy, but not at all, which clearly makes no more sense. The mission of NOVICA is to “give artists and artisans around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents and to spur their creativity.”

        Through NOVICA one is able to connect with artisans all over the world and get real items made by these same artisans. This is better then shopping at World Market! NOVICA is done with a partnership with National Geographic, so you know that this company is taking things very seriously.  

 The purpose of NOVICA is to create a revolutionary system through which the artists and artisans of the world can display their fine works to global audience of prospective customers. NOVICA does not charge artists any fees for listing their items on the website. Furthermore, artists remain fully independent–they are free to raise their prices, lower their prices, or remove their items from our website. By cutting out the long strings of middlemen, NOVICA allows both consumers and artisans to get the most out of each and every transaction.

        You can pretty much get anything you want at NOVICA – area rugs, mirrors, chess sets, jewelry, handbags, clothing and jewelry. Absolutely amazing stuff that you are getting from actual artisans and not just from a factory somewhere.

 This is soda pop tabs, crocheted by hand
 This is also made from cotton
Made in India
Absolutely beautiful right?
I’m not into wall hangings but this is pretty remarkable and exquisitely done
It is cotton and made in India
         You will find all sorts of items in varying price ranges, from the very affordable to the way out of my price range.  But the price really isn’t the issue for me.  I would rather pay more for something that is quality made and will be around for forever, then something I’ll have to just replace in a year or less.  This is especially true for my clothes.  I’ve been trying to purchase classic, nicer items that will last through the seasons.
I was able to purchase two beautiful earrings, one for me and one to give away!  So affordable and beautiful. 

As you can see from the pictures the one of the right is from Bali, and the left is Thailand.  Each comes with its own unique packaging and information card about the artisan and the country they are from.  I found both pieces to be beautiful in person, well made, and the hubby gave me compliments on my pair (on the right).  I had a hard time deciding which one to keep, but I figured I would share the wealth with my lovely readers.  From Bali, we have beautiful Amethyst floral earrings, with 3 gemstone carats and made from Sterling Silver, by had, at a price of $42.95.  From Thailand we have Aventurine and Amethyst dangle earrings, with glass beads in between.  They are put together with sterling silver and silk thread, at a price of $18.75. Gorgeous right?!
One more thing I would like to tell you about is the NOVICA Live program, which is a Home Party Division of NOVICA.  Now you can become a consultant and/or host a party.  You will have confidence knowing you are sharing amazing fair trade and amazingly handcrafted jewelry, shawls and accessories to share with your friends.  You can earn jewelry and gift items, as well as trips abroad to meet the artisans that make the items you sell.  It’s pretty stellar, if you are looking to get your foot in the door of a unique business that is unlike many others out there.  If you decide to check it out remember Cammo Style Love told you!
Good luck in the giveaway, and think of NOVICA for your next gift item.

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