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This is my second Purex Insiders post or today, and I’ve got a great giveaway for this one as well. This particular opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. We have been having a slight ant problem. Not really sure what the deal is. They haven’t been going after anything in particular in the pantry, except if a crumb or two were in their way. It was almost like they were passing through, but annoying nonetheless. Ants are just creepy to me, so I was looking quickly for a way to get rid of them. I bought some of those childproof little discs, the ants took it, would go away, but it didn’t really work. They came back. Now I had to find something else to use, and I didn’t really want to use a spray.

            In my Purex Insider’s kit I received Combat Max bait and Combat Max gel.  The Combat Source Kill Max Ant Gel is the first specifically formulated ant gel.  It is said to work within hours and up to 1 month, both of which I can attest too 100%.  You can use it both indoors and outdoors, which is really nice.  The Bait is nice for those that might be specifically concerned about children getting their hands near the bait.  They are child-resistant and prove long lasting ant killing power.

          The bait was similar to what I had used before, but the gel was something I had never seen before. I decided to go ahead and use both and just see what happens. The gel was super easy to use. I squeezed it into the crack where the shelving unit of my pantry had been built into the wall, and where the wall meets the side of the shelves. It didn’t drip down and came out smoothly. There was no smell either, which is really nice, unlike the sprays that I have used before.  Honestly I didn’t even have to use the bait, although I am sure they are wonderful. The ants went absolutely nuts for the gel. I let the kids check it out and they thought it was pretty cool.  Right away I knew this was some good stuff.  The ants had taken to the bait, but not like they did the gel.  The next day…gone.  Seriously, the ants were gone.  I was extremely impressed with this product and would recommend the gel, hands down, to anyone struggling with an ant problem.

Take some time to enter below to win a Combat Gel for you to try!  You can also check out Combat’s Bug Free Backyard Sweepstakes by clicking this link.  One lucky winner will receive $1000 to hold their very own Bug Free Backyard Bash, and an assortment of Combat brand products.  Good Luck!!

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