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Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start.  To kick off the weekend I have some info about a new product that I was able to try thanks to Purex Insiders. 

 Softscrub is a product that I have used before, for cleaning my toilet, but I had not tried any of their other products before.  They have some new products that I had the pleasure of trying, several of which I was excited about.  Mostly because I’m always on the look out for cool new products to try, to make cleaning fast and easy.  With three kids six and under, fast and easy is one of my mottos.  At the home we live in now we only have one bathroom…I know I know, it’s totally crazy.  It’s adorable home built in the 50’s, and having grown up in a house with one bathroom I figured we could survive for awhile.  The adorableness of the home, the playroom and the amazing backyard is worth the trade off.  However, in about 10 years I might be singing a different tune, with two teenagers in the house.

         The SoftScrub products I had the opportunity to try were the Soft Scrub Total bathroom, and the SoftScrub total All Purpose, with Bleach.  Of the two I was most interested in the Bathroom cleaner.  Cleaning the tub is really the bane of my existence.  Making sure it stays clean and bright, while making sure three kids who love to play outside are also clean, can be one of those tough mom jobs.  I was extremely pleased with the outcome of using this product.  It has two options for spraying the product on the surface to be cleaned, a simple spray and a foam.  I love the foam because it doesn’t run down as fast when you’re cleaning the sides of a bathtub or shower.  I left it on for only about five minutes and was absolutely amazed at how well it worked.  But, what I loved even more about the product was the smell.  It was not a knock me out, cleaner smell, and I didn’t feel like I was just dying to get out of the bathroom even with the door open.  Next, I used the all purpose cleaner to clean the white top of my stove.  It went on well, cleaned it quickly, without having to let it sit or reapply. 

          All in all I was quite pleased with the products and I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to try some new cleaners.

5 out of 5 stars!

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