Ami…where did time go?

My middle one, my only girl, turned four on Sunday.  In the midst of the Frakenstorm I didn’t post anything, but as the rain is falling outside and the kids are playing I thought I might take the time now to reflect on four years.  How do you really summarize four years in one little blog post?

Ami was due on Halloween.  How fun is that?  I mean, if you’re going to be born around a holiday Halloween would be a preferable one for sure.  We, through a set of circumstances relating to our first birth experience, decided to induce.  And there she came to us, on October 28, 2008.  Ami was named by her daddy, first and middle name. Ami Rose was a name he had picked when we were dating.  *Cue romantic swoons*  Of course in my spunky and slightly rebellious side I had to choose to spell it weird.  But its cool, A-M-I is the Hebrew way and its supposed to be pronounced Ahhhh-Me, meaning friendship. 

So, now you are four, and a spunky little, purple loving girlie girl.  You are a teaser, like your daddy and drive your big brother crazy.  I’m pretty sure that in about 11 years we’re going to be in some real trouble. 

 “Birth” day

 Two weeks old

 First Birthday

 Two years old
 Third Birthday
Fourth Birthday and Phillip’s First

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