Happy 1st Birthday Phillip

Dear Phillip,

I can’t believe you are one.  Where did time go?  It’s absolutely crazy that its already here and you aren’t my baby.  Although I feel like you will always be my baby.  You are my heart and you’re such a momma’s boy.  You aren’t walking yet, but you crawl at lightning speed so really, what’s the point.  You have six teeth and say mama, dada, baby, bye bye and hi.  You wave to us all the time and are always so happy.  You are as smart as a whip and it always amazes me!  You love playing with your stacking cups and following around your big brother and sister, whom you absolutely adore I can tell.  You eat like a little monster, and have long since given up baby food.  Going for walks and escaping out the back door to crawl around in the grass are also some of your favorite things.  You sleep well at night, but napping is just a nuisance…because clearly you will miss something if you do.

I love you my big boy!!!

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