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Happy Saturday everyone! this is a new blog hop for me, but I love The Mommyhood Chronicles, so I thought I’d join in this week.

There’s never a moment where I’m not expecting something absolutely ridiciulous to occur in my house.  With three crazy kids, and mostly running things sans Mr. Air Force Hubby, there’s always something crazy going on here.  Here’s some highlights from our week.

1. Since my son started school this year apparently Fire Drills have been high on his list of exciting things.  It is important to note that on Back to School night he drew for us his favorite things in school, and fire drills were on the list.  It is also important to note that he draws them all the time at home, with surprising accuracy.  So, when my mom came to visit she asked Brian about school.  She asks him about Fire Drills and he says, “I don’t really care for the fire drills, they just don’t set with me well.”  Apparently I’m raising a child in the early 1900s.

2. My mom and I were out and about getting ready for Phillip and Ami’s birthday party.  She decided to help me buckle in Ami in the back of my highlander, which had the third row up.  I had popped up the glass door and she, my mom, proceeded to climb on the bumper and stick in the upper half of her body in some sort of squat, bent, contortionist move.  She strained her back and she and I are laughing hysterically in the parking lot of the Toys R Us, almost to tears, as she’s bent over and holding her back.  Oh yeah, we’re awesome!

3. At the Birthday Party Extravaganza for Phillip and Ami (because when in the Air Force you have to do things you loathe, like having joint birthday parties for your children…shiver) my friend and her little boy came over a little bit early.  He little boy is just about 18 months and he and Phillip play amazingly well together.  Apparently the boys got into a little tiff over the Melissa and Doug cupcakes, which ARE in fact AMAZING by the way.  In an effort to secure a cupcake just for him phillip grabs a cupcakes and tosses it in the opposite direction of his friend,and THEN crawls to it.  Shrewd move my son.

4. Its not really funny, although I guess in a completely hysterical unfunny way I’ve realized I miss my cat.  I really think I’m going insane to be honest.  My anxiety is through the roof, I’m lonely and I keep telling myself its not because now I have three kids, because honestly one is not home half the day.  And because if I admit to the fact that it is because of the third kid then my whole, I’m so desperately sad about being done (ugh) then well, that argument doesn’t set well with the hubby (there’s that phrase again).  But I guess this is funny because I’m really a dog person, and even though the cat was really mine, I named him, and so on, he really loved my husband.  But here I am 10 months without my cat and I’m really starting to miss him.  That’s funny.

5. Frakenstorm…that’s funny right?  Everyone is freaking out around me.  Shelves are wiped clean of water and D batteries.  The hubby is not freaked out.  He’s cool.  Well that’s all fine and fabulous Mr. Not Even Going to Be Home!  My neighbors aren’t phased, but he seems to me that everyone else is totally losing their minds.  I’m trying my hardest to not be one of those freaking out people.  But just to make me feel better Hubbs was out last night checking the trajectory of our giant trees, and the points of the roof so that I would know the best place to hang out in the house if the wind got really crazy.  He thinks that hilarious 😉

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  1. I am so glad you linked up! On the link up, your link is going to an unknown place so feel free to link up the same one next week if you like or do a different one. But I just wanted to tell you:)

    That is so funny that they don't set with me well- I would have laughed!
    Haha- I love the laugh with the boys and the cupcakes. I agree those are the best toys! We have two sets because we lost some pieces from the old one.
    Oh my goodness- I am so there with you about the trees. I am so fearful but my husband told me I am being ridiculous. I am jealous your husband checked it out.
    Stay safe!

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