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Happy Friday Everyone!  The weekend is here, and let me tell you I couldn’t be more thrilled!  The hubby will actually be around this weekend *knock on wood*, and well…that is pretty much a miracle if I ever saw one.  We might have some big plans for this Veteran’s Day weekend! 

Before I get to the reason why I titled this post, “My Hero”, let me just fill you in on what’s been going on with my fitness journey.   Last week I had one of those amazing epiphanies.  You know the ones I’m talking about, where the light bulb goes off, you hear angels singing and such things.  Mine came in the admission that I’m not failing after all.  Of course, one could always do better.  I know that one of the things that I’m not good at is depriving myself, mostly depriving myself from the soda – specifically the Dr. Pepper.  Other than that I’m pretty proud of myself for my eating habits in general.  I don’t eat super clean – like organic and stuff, but I eat my fruit and vegetables, I don’t have dessert every night.  Escaping the check out line without picking up some candy is super easy for me.  There’s always room for improvement, as in anything.  What I do know is that I’ve always been not super skinny.  My sister is built like that but I’ve always sort of had womanly curves, an hour glass shape (which saves me in the weight proportions department).  At my skinniest as a teenager I was a size 9/10.  Although I wonder if even in this short ammount of time the sizes have changed, what would that be now?  And just so you’re not wondering why I’m wondering, I think about this topic often, after reading Hungry, by Crystal Renn (go get it now!!).  My mom, in the 70’s, was 5ft 7in, 112 lbs and a size 8 or something…it might have been a six..but you get what I’m saying.

Back to my epiphany – its been eight years since I got married.  I was really comfortable with my weight then.  I was bigger than I had been in high school but I felt really good about myself.  I was super tight and toned, but I wore a two piece on our honeymoon!!  So, the other day when I weight myself  *cringe* I looked at it and actually said to myself, wow..its’ not so bad.  It’s not scary.  I’m only about 10ish lbs away from where I was at my wedding and I’ve just about lost all the baby weight from the three pregnancies (which that was an up and down thing).  So the biggest I’ve been post baby – and babies – I’m now only a short little jaunt to wedding weight.  Anything past that is just extra amazing  Now that I am more educated, and have met so many wonderful fitness bloggers I think tightening up and toning after reaching that magic weight I have in my head is a real possibility.  Wow!

Now onto my hero!  My hero is one of my very first friends when I moved here, my neighbor.  She’s amazing.  She runs.  Anyone who runs is a freaking rock star in my book.  Because of her I might just have to consider the whole couch to 5k thing, just to shake things up and maybe run with her.  She just ran the Marine Corp Marathon.  Her first marathon, that she didn’t think she could finish…but I KNEW she could do it, and she did it.  Did I already mention she runs?  She has shirts, and medals and those little number things hanging on her wall.  She has the 12.1 and 26.2 stickers on the back of her car.  She’s amazing.  For her run she told me about these amazing socks, and since she doesn’t blog and I was super impressed, I thought I would share the amazingness with you.

This my friends is the Thorlo Experia.  I love Thorlos.  I’m married to a Boy Scout, a Camper, a Military Man…trust me…me and Thorlos totally know each other. 

Thorlos experia┬« socks are specially padded to ensure maximum comfort during all your favorite activities. Engineered to provide activity-specific protective padding, Thorlos experia┬« socks provide blister-free comfort and protection.  
They come in a merino wool/silk and the cool max that my friend used.

She ran a marathon with no blisters man.  I’m totally impressed.  So I will be purchasing these.  I may not be a runner but with my working out and the walking I’m doing all the time to take and pick up my son I have developed a blister or two.  Now, while I may not have actually used this product I’m pretty excited about it so I wanted to share…while also saying how amazing my friend and neighbor is.

Fitness Friday Routine –
Fembody Appetite Control
Fembody Slim Select
Yogi Detox Tea

Hoping to start my P90X up again

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