Thoughts on Teething – Kebbie’s Diaper Bag Review

Happy Thursday everyone.  I’ve really been trying to get some reviews out of products that I actively use and love.  As a mom and a blogger, talking with other moms (in one form or another) is the best way to get information.  When I was a new mom, not many of my friends had kids yet, but those that did were absolutely invaluable to me.  Getting their opinions so that I could narrow down the overwhelming load of information and products out there saved me time, energy and stress.  Blogging is how I really learned about cloth diapering, but I first found out about it from one of my mom friends.  (You can read my cloth diapering story here

Teething is one of those instances where trading stories with moms can be helpful.  BabyGanics is my go to teething item and I have re-purchased it several times since first reviewing it.  Another new discovery I’ve made is Baltic Amber.  I can’t remember if there was specific instance or who specifically told me, but one of my friends was going to order one and if she ordered several she could get them at a lower price so I went ahead and jumped on it.  After receiving it I put it on and didn’t really notice much.  I figured it was probably because there wasn’t too much in the teething department yet.  Being a naturally skeptical person, not noticing some sort of grand effect probably didn’t help how I initially felt about the amber.  Then I had the opportunity to visit Kebbie’s Diaper bag, IN PERSON, for a cloth diapering photoshoot!  How exciting is that?  In conversation we I expressed to her my skepticism, and noticed that she herself was wearing Baltic Amber.  She said that absolutely she had noticed a difference, especially in her heartburn during this pregnancy.  Her daughter wears one too and has seen a significantly positive effect.  Hmmmmm, I thought.  Then I discovered the possibility that the one I had might have not been totally genuine.  Really?!  Apparently that is a thing, and there is even a way to test them, and she tests hers, even though she gets her from an authentic overseas provider. 

I left that day with my new Baltic Amber from Kebbie’s Diaper bag.  There are several different ways to test amber. (Hazel-Aid website),  but finding a reputible seller is really your key to purchasing authentic amber.

A skeptic no more – I’ve got to say that each time I leave the necklace off without realizing it, and too much time passes, I suddenly realize just how good this stuff really is.  It is rare that it is ever off my little guy.  I’m actually thinking about purchasing a bracelet for me with some of my foot pain.  I wouldn’t say that I never doubt that it might be all in my head, but I would recommend for any mom to give it a try.  My older two children never really had a difficult time teething, but Phillip has.  He has been getting teeth in since just before six months and they keep coming at full force, 2, 3 at a time, poor guy.  Baltic Amber, I believe, has helped him sleep better at night and during naps.  I haven’t had to dose him too much with tylonel and who wouldn’t like that?

Have you tried Baltic Amber?  Are you a skeptic?

Where you can buy Amber – Kebbie’s Diaper Bag sells necklaces and bracelet/anklets.

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