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Win your Second Honeymoon from

Eight years ago we said “I do.”   We had our bags packed and plans set and we took off for Hawaii.  I loved every minute of it and I still think about it fondly; dreaming about the day when we can go back.  We’ve been able to get away since our honeymoon – thankfully some of the hubby’s work trips have been spouse friendly – but nothing tops the Honeymoon.  The last two trips we’ve taken sans children have been super close to matching that same sort of feeling.  It was just for us, no work involved, just for fun.  However, let me just state for the record…”seriously who wouldn’t want to win a second honeymoon?”  I know many of my readers are military, and I appreciate the fact that sometimes the military doesn’t play ball in the whole wedding department.  I know a lot of couples that didn’t really get to have a great honeymoon for one reason or another.  This would be a great opportunity to have a honeymoon re-do! is happy to help some very lucky people achieve that amazing opportunity.

“’s Take Us Away Second Honeymoon Contest” invites married participants to take part in a series of four individually-themed contests. All contests will have a theme relating to your relationship. Participants will be asked to complete various tasks via social media, such as submitting a funny photo, creating a video response or pinning pictures on Pinterest, with the hub and origination of each contest being on our Facebook page.

There will be four themed contests through the next several months.  The first chance at the Second Honeymoon contest has already started so hurry and click here for your chance to win. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to submit your funniest wedding picture…share it…and get some votes!  And you’ll also get a little something special for the trouble, and possible hummiliation, of digging around looking for that amazingly hilarious wedding photo that will shoot you to the top of this contest!    The contest runs through December 6th.

Good luck and make sure to check back here on December 6th as well, for the next opportunity to win a second honeymoon!  And just for fun, I’ll leave you with a cute honeymoon picture or two.

If you can believe it, we didn’t own a digital camera…they were still really expensive back then…this is all, good ‘ole, don’t know how its gonna turn out, film!  Look at how young and awkward we are!?  LOL

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post from  I received a voucher in exchange for the advertisement of this contest.  The content of the post is my own.

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