Purex Detergent *Plus Oxi* Review/Giveaway

As a mom one of things that I find myself doing the most, besides referring toy disputes, making food, changing diapers and the litany of other things….laundry.  The dreaded laundry.  I actually don’t mind laundry..bathrooms are a whole other thing.  One of my very good friends and I have this plan that if we were to one day live very close to one other that we would trade jobs…I would do some laundry and she would do my bathrooms.  Oh the fun that would be had.  So, when given the chance to try out detergent I always take it.  While I’m super picky with my cloth diapering laundry I’m generally not so picky with my regular clothing laundry.  My two older ones are a rough and tumble lot.  While one does dress in frills to be sure, she is just as rough and tumble as her brother.  So trying to maintain a good collection of unstained clothing can be somewhat of a challenge.  I had had this amazing stain remover and then I had a hard time finding it, then we moved, and then they changed it and I just didn’t feel like it worked in the same way.

Since then my go-to has been oxi-clean.  It works really well and unless a stain is really bad I don’t have to do a lot of pre-treating or soaking because I can toss it in with the regular wash.  Then Purex, whom I’ve worked with before, contacted me to try out a new detergent with Oxi!  Um, yes I will try that!

This is a new detergent by Purex.  It has great stain-fighting powers and can be used simply as a detergent or you could actually use it to pre-treat a very difficult stain by pouring a little bit on the stain and letting it sit for five minutes before continuing with your regular washing routine.  It can be used in both regular top-loading machines and high efficiency front loading machines.  What is perhaps even more wonderful, Purex with Oxi has been tested and shown to be hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.  That’s a definite plus in my book.

I threw in a load (and no I’m silly and didn’t take pictures but the second I get a chance to re-create this I will remember) untreated and low and behold some drink stain on Phillip’s shirt that I was sure would never came out CAME OUT!  No joke.  It did.  I was actually stunned.  I really didn’t expect it to work that well, honestly I didn’t.  If you looked up skeptic in the dictionary you’d see a picture of me.  I’m pretty skeptical about most things, this included.  Purex with Oxi works, I love it, and will probably buy it.  It comes in the scent Fresh Morning Burst, which isn’t an extremely overwhelming smell, which is nice for the hubbs because he doesn’t care for that.

Now if you’d like to give Purex with Oxi a try yourself I have some coupons to giveaway!  Good luck!

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