Rewind 365! Where Were You A Year Ago

Happy Thursday Ya’ll!  Time for a little jaunt down memory lane to reflect on where you were a year ago today?  Please share and link up.

A year ago today I think we were winding down our time in Reno before the big move.  One of our very favorite places for family outings was Sheels.  Gosh, I miss that place.  It was such a fun, on the cheap place to go for us.  With the big fish tanks, the play area, the Ferris Wheel.  We went at least once a week.  I think this was our last visit before we left our house and moved down to the in-laws.  I can’t believe its been a year since then, and almost a year since we’ve moved here.  Its flown by so quickly.

Where were you a year ago?  Do you have a place you and your family goes to semi-regularly?

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